A legendary SupCrush

The best college bar in the country for two years running, Sup Dogs is a restaurant/bar combo that people who have never been to might not be able to understand.

While the idea of a hot dog might seem regular to most, Sup Dogs has a way of changing the game. However, their hot dogs are not the only thing they have to offer. From their infamous Sup Crushes and pizza fries to the events that only a place like Sup Dogs could have, the eatery is quite the place to experience. Sup Dogs has specials each day and events every so often, such as on Mondays a day where they offer a mug night so patrons can bring any size glass and fill it up with beer for a discounted amount.

Sup Dogs opened its door for the first time in 2008 under the dreams of Derek Oliverio, the original owner and founder of the eating establishment. While Derek unfortunately passed away in 2011 due to a tragic house fire, his brother Bret Oliverio took over as manager and has been running Sup Dogs in his brother's memory ever since.

“Sup Dogs has made us work much harder than we ever expected, but it’s been rewarding to work for ourselves and for our family,” Bret said in a 2014 interview with The Daily Tar Heel. “I know my brother is proud of everything we have done since he passed away.”

Sup Dogs also offers a yearly event entitled “Doggie Jams,” which always has great headliners and delivers on their promise of making a day full of fun in the sun. Doggie Jams originated in 2010 and is a day of excitement for the establishment as it celebrates everything Sup Dogs is. East Carolina University is home to one of two Sup Dogs locations, with University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill holding the other location. Sup Dogs has been an integral part of most students’ experiences and will be missed by many seniors as they move away from both locations.

Weston Moore, a senior marketing major, bought tickets early February for the Doggie Jams event, which was previously scheduled for April. 2020 headliner DJ Diesel (otherwise known as former NBA Laker Shaquille O’Neal) was Moore’s main appeal to purchasing a ticket and though he is disappointed with the postponement of the event due to COVID-19, he plans on coming back in October even though he will have already graduated at that point. According to Moore, the idea of experiencing a big party outside with all of his friends even though he won’t be a current student at the time is something he looks forward to because it will give him the chance to not only reunite with college friends, but visit ECU one more time.

Sarah Tellez, a senior majoring in family community services with a concentration in child development, still remembers her first Sup Dogs experience almost four years ago. When she was moving into the dorms, she remembers going to Sup Dogs with her new dorm neighbors and their families. Her favorite meal is the Hawaiian burger they offer, seeing as it has the perfect blend of sweetness. Tellez said she would like to stay in Greenville after graduation for many reasons, one of which being the idea she can return to Sup Dogs for food whenever she pleases.

“I love how the burger has pineapples in it,” Tellez said. “It's refreshing and makes me feel like I’m on vacation.”

Sup Dogs is truly a unique place that has impacted many seniors’ college experiences, from taking home your first Sup Crush memory cup after turning 21 to spending the day in the sun with friends listening to DJ Diesel. The days when you got a hot dog combo to start your day right on game day or to celebrate with your closest friends on mug nights. With all the memorable times, Sup Dogs has certainitely impacted the lives of students at ECU and has positively affected students' outlook on their college experience in one way or another. Students have seen Sup Dogs grow from a one-story building to two, from a beloved college bar to the best college bar in the country. Sup Dogs has been through it all and we as ECU students have been thankful to be along for the ride with them.

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