WZMB 2021-2022 Staff

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to be the Station Manager of WZMB 91.3 FM Greenville. When I went through radio corp training in the fall of 2018, I remember being very excited to learn about all of the opportunities that the station had to offer. I remember all of the managers telling what they did at the station. I knew then that I wanted to try my best to one day be a manager and apply to be Station Manager. In the meantime, I knew I wanted to host a show that brought light to songwriters and the important place that they have in the music industry. The station soon became a very important part of my college life, and I looked forward to seeing everyone each Monday for staff meetings. During the pandemic, I became Production Director, and got a lot of experience in graphic design and audio editing. I enjoyed production and helping everyone with their projects. My main priority was making sure DJs were happy with the final product we were recording. I then applied and became Station Manager, and it was very surreal for me to step into this role. 

When I became Station Manager, we were still navigating COVID-19, but I wanted to rebuild the station to what it was before the pandemic. The summer I took over, there were only four on air DJs including myself, so I knew I wanted to prioritize recruitment in the upcoming semesters. I also wanted to get WZMB in front of the student body more through tabling. Over the summer, we started doing things like that, and by the time it was the fall, we had a large zombie class. In that first semester we did many tabling events and remotes. WZMB also participated in College Radio Day. We brought back Zessions and partnered with TEC to bring back TECspertZ. In the spring semester, we have had a very large staff, and I am so happy that we were able to introduce a 50-hour on-air schedule. That meant so much to me because we had a very expansive on-air schedule when I was a freshman. We were also able to broadcast ECU women’s basketball for the first time since 2020. WZMB is ending the spring semester by collaborating with SAB to present a local artist showcase at Barefoot On the Mall and by participating in Vinylthon to present 12 hours of on air programming of just vinyl music. 

But, I am most proud of our community involvement over the past year. In the fall, WZMB hosted a Thanksgiving food drive for the Purple Pantry, and we were able to raise over 200 pounds of food. In the spring, I wanted to expand our community involvement even more, and Pirate Paws of the Week with the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina was started. I decided that we would post a picture of the pet on our social media accounts, and then have WZMB DJs talk about them on their shows. Because we were partnering with the HSEC, WZMB decided to host a supply drive for them, and we were able to donate over 300 items to them. The majority of the Pirate Paws pets have been adopted. 

I hope that everyone gets to experience WZMB in their own way. The station will always be special to me because as a singer/songwriter, WZMB was the first station to play my music. WZMB is so much more than a job because it is a community. It is a place for people who love music and who love to talk gather. It is a place to showcase local artists, and it is a place to train the professional broadcasters of tomorrow. I hope that you all realize how lucky we are to have a college radio station on our campus. Never take for granted the opportunity that you have been given to broadcast on the radio. You all have had the chance to format your own show and talk about topics that are important to you. I encourage you all to use the platform that you have been given to help others and expand WZMB over the coming years. 


Marye Amanda McDaniel 

2021-2022 WZMB Station Manager

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