Chancellor Philip Rogers sends his appreciation to all of Pirate Nation in recent email.

In an email statement sent to the East Carolina University community Nov. 23, Chancellor Philip Rogers showed his appreciation for Pirate Nation and applauded the university's accomplishments from the fall 2022 semester thus far.

As Rogers reflected on the Thanksgiving holiday, he wrote that he is reminded of ECU’s achievements as an institution and what makes him proud to be part of Pirate Nation.

It has been a fast-paced semester, Rogers wrote, and a lot has been accomplished with the help of ECU’s faculty staff and the quality educational experiences they are able to provide. Rogers wrote that ECU’s faculty and staff help to further the university’s mission by ensuring safe, efficient and effective strategies to help students achieve their goals. 

“Our (ECU’s) students inspire us daily and bring much-needed energy to a vibrant campus life,” Rogers wrote. “Our governing boards, alumni and other institutional stakeholders add value to who we are as a community and where we are going.” 

Rogers wrote that the university has made “considerable” progress this semester with many campus initiatives. From raising more than $420 million towards the Pursue Gold Campaign to cutting the ribbon on the new Eastern Region Pharma Center space, Rogers wrote, among a number of other accomplishments.

Rogers wrote that students are the reason why the school continues to thrive. Through their leadership and hard work, Rogers wrote that students are the reason why the university continues to impact the people of North Carolina.

While on Thanksgiving break, Rogers wrote that faculty, staff and students should take time to rest and enjoy “a much-needed break.” During this time, he wrote that students should remember the health and well-being resources offered on ECU’s campus. 

“Finally, I’d like to express personal gratitude to all of Pirate Nation for the unwavering support you show to our university each and every day,” Rogers wrote. “The collaborative spirit and commitment to our mission does not go unnoticed and I am thankful.”

Lastly, Rogers wrote how he wanted to express his personal gratitude to all of Pirate Nation for the support the university gets and for students' commitment to their mission.

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