ECU Stars

The ECU Stars talent event, which was created to give all musicians the opportunity to perform for audiences and the chance to win cash prizes, kicks off its 2015 auditions this evening.

“As a football school, one that really relies heavily on athletics, we have a large support from the university for the performing arts,” said Arlie Honeycutt, ECU alumna and three-year runner-up of ECU Stars. “Any opportunity for the performing arts to be put on display is really valuable to our university.”

ECU Stars is a growing program that allows all students around the university to showcase their talents. Although most participants are singers in the competition, recent competitors have accompanied their lyrical talents with instruments, such as the violin or the guitar.

Having competed in ECU Stars several times, Honeycutt has had the opportunity to meet numerous students which she explained has been helpful to start conversations across academic and social boundaries around campus.

“I got to meet a lot of new folks, that weren’t necessarily there to compete, but who would recognize me around campus as a performer and it really helped me to broaden my network of friends and start conversations,” said Honeycutt.

The competition promotes the performing arts and has encouraged students of all majors who have any interest in performing to join the event. Participants have the chance to perform for their fellow pirates as well as community members who come out to watch the show.

“[ECU Stars] gives the participants a sense of camaraderie,” said Mark Rasdorf, assistant director of the LGBT resource office and volunteer for ECU Stars. “They get to perform in front of their peers and get some exposure on campus.”

ECU Stars will begin its 2015 auditions today, which will carry over into tomorrow evening. Contestants are required to submit an online form registering for the event and must sign in at 2 p.m. at Wright Auditorium. The judges of the auditions will select up to 12 performers to compete in the “American Idol” style competition later this month. The actual competition will take place on Sunday, Sept. 13, at Wright Auditorium.

“The program has a history here as part of the beginning of the fall semester and gives students a chance to celebrate their talent,” said Rasdorf. “I hope we continue to build on the legacy of the event this year.”

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