NAGS HEAD, NC -- With the remains of the Outer Banks fishing pier in the background, a surfer heads into the waves in Nags Head, North Carolina, on Sunday, September 21, 2003. 

The Netflix Original “Outer Banks” became available for streaming last Wednesday. The show follows the story of four kids who live on the fictional Kildare Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and their quest for gold lost long ago in a shipwreck.

The main character of the show is John B., not John, but John B. Every single solitary time, John B. Routledge is called John B. Even in the most dramatic and urgent moments every character, police officers, teachers, friends’ parents, everyone includes the “B.” There are no other people named John in the entire show except for his late father who had the nickname “Big John,” so that couldn’t really have been the reason either. It was very distracting.

However, the show itself was fantastic. Admittedly it did start out a little slow. It was unclear what the main plot of the show was really going to be about in the first few episodes but as it progressed, it all started to make sense. References to familiar NC destinations and the amazing cast carried the show through its first episodes.

Although the island the show is set on is fictional it is based on real life places. The rich end of Kildare Island is called Figure 8, which is the name of an island off of Wrightsville Beach by the same name on which many celebrities have homes or have stayed. There were also frequent mentions of Masonboro Island, also off of Wrightsville Beach. Perhaps a more widely known reference was when two of the characters took a trip to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

According to Wilmington, NC newspaper, StarNews, “the cut,” the rougher side of the island from the show refers to Snow’s Cut, the waterway that made Carolina Beach into an island. StarNews also pointed out that the name “Kildare” is “a hat tip to the real town of Kill Devil Hills in Dare County on the Outer Banks.”

Once it got going, “Outer Banks” was an action packed show that is definitely binge-worthy. Each episode ended on such tantalizing cliffhangers that it was impossible not to watch the next episode right away. From treasure hunts, to star-crossed love, and secrets abounding, this show sucks you in until the end and leaves you starving for the next season.

In this time when everyone is stuck inside and beaches up and down the east coast are closed this show will allow you to live vicariously through the sun-kissed, boardshort clad cast as they swim and boat their way around the island and run through the sand and woods in the middle of a coastal summer.

4.5/5 (Had to take off that .5 for the John B. thing)

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