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Chef and restaurateur Lucas Owens hopes to provide Greenville with new flavors with the opening of his new restaurant, Native Fine Diner in the fall of 2020. Originally scheduled to open in spring, the establishment will be located on Dickinson Avenue in downtown Greenville.

Owens, a native of the Piedmont region in eastern North Carolina, has been learning to cook French and Southern American cuisine for 13 years. Starting his career in the fall of 2010 in Raleigh, he spent six years gaining momentum in the industry until he moved to Kinston, North Carolina in 2016 to take over as the executive chef of Boiler Room Oyster Bar.

In 2017, Owens was then hired to the same position at one of North Carolina’s notable fine dining restaurants, the Chef and the Farmer, also located in Kinston. This culminated in a move to Greenville where he began to develop his dream of opening his own restaurant.

Owens commented on his plans for the restaurant, as well as his efforts helping out Nog, a pop-up charity shop specializing in eggnog located in Greenville.

“We plan to grow this charity organization to a state level within three years and a national level within five years. After Native, we will be opening various restaurant concepts in the Greenville area,” Owens said.

According to Owens, Native Fine Diner was originally scheduled to open this spring, but it was delayed due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus in the region. He commented on his plans moving forward.

“We want to be intentional with our steps as we all get through this together. We want ourselves and guests alike to feel comfortable when this blows over. We will continue to keep our heads down and working toward the common goal: community, togetherness and growth,” Owens said.

Owens’ passion for cuisine and giving back to the community has helped to display his creative nature, but he wasn’t always interested in being a chef.

Tripp Morgan, an old high school friend of Owens, commented on how Owens has developed his talent throughout the years and also given back to others.

“I wouldn’t have ever guessed it, but knowing Luke, it’s perfect. He’s taken the passion and really ran with it. One thing we have always talked about and enjoyed is giving back to the community and he’s also doing that in his own unique way,” Morgan said.

Morgan also offered comments on how Owens has matured by discovering his passion for food and cooking.

“I would have never guessed food to be his passion. But that’s the beauty of growing up sometimes, you discover new passions in life. I think he nailed that for him and his family,” Morgan said.

To find out more on Lucas Owens and Native Fine Diner, visit his website.

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