“All Black Lives Matter” and “Blue, Pink and White Angels” are pieces that are a response to the recent killings of Trans and Queer Black people in America. I wanted to create something from my heart, being a black queer woman who faces discrimination on a regular basis. My work expresses the importance of uplifting marginalized groups who need positive representation. Especially in the current climate of the United States and worldwide.

One of my pieces “All Black Lives Matter’’, is a vinyl media installation with the East Carolina University LGBT Center. It is an abstract piece, because I feel like in my work the viewer should interpret the meaning for themselves. I don’t want to tell anyone how to feel with my artwork, I want them to come to that conclusion on their own. Most people don’t include Trans and Queer Black lives in the BLM movement, when they should. It is an image of two figures being connected to each other, by the experiences and challenges they face. We as people, as a community tend to find others like us and build strong relationships off of those connections.

“Blue, Pink and White Angels” is another vinyl media installation sponsored by the East Carolina University LGBT Center. This piece isn’t as abstract as the previous one mentioned, but it acts as a memorial of Trans brothers and sisters we’ve lost over the years. The two hands holding depicts both the Brown and Black community coming together and standing strong. Shades of different skin tones were meant to represent the vast variety of people within the LGBTQ community. This project is meant to remember those who came before us, so that we won’t ever forget them.

These pieces are grounded in remembrance and pride for the LGBTQ community. Our stories deserve to be heard. We are strong, powerful, valid and beautiful. We matter too.

 -Tiana Robinson

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