My Skin

Skin is just skin from the outside looking in

But skin to me is journey of ups and downs like a ship at sea

My skin is a barrier that protects me from the outside world... Or at least tries to

Everyone says it takes years to learn to love the skin you’re in, but how can one love their own skin when it seems as though the world doesn’t?

My skin is brown and beautiful, however I find that not everyone finds it as beautiful as I do.

Instead, to them my skin is problematic

My skin is threatening

My skin is political

My skin is inferior


My skin...

My skin is overlooked in the working world

My skin is underestimated

My skin is belittled

My skin is oppressed

My skin is beaten

My skin is pain

My skin is hurt and is still hurting…

My brown skin is not an issue for me, but it is an issue for you.

My skin is an uncomfortable conversation at work

My skin is a reminder of hatred

My skin is a demand for change

My skin is a call for action

My skin is the future

My skin is your athletes

My skin is your music

My skin is your leaders

My skin is hardworking

My skin is resilient

My skin is royalty

My skin is brown and beautiful.

My skin MATTERS.

-Anais Roller

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