The cupola on the mall on ECU's main campus.

“I Exist” Activism Group

“An activism group promoting the international social movement “I Exist” which emphasizes awareness of mental health and advocacy of human rights.” 


African Students' Organization

“The goal of the African Students’ Organization, or ASO, is to promote and enhance awareness of the diverse cultures found throughout Africa and the African diaspora.”


Amexcan at ECU

“The purpose of this organization is to connect Latinx students with the Pirate community, and through the pirate community reach out to the Pitt County area.”


 Arab Student Union

“A group with the goal to increase understanding about Arab cultures in the United States and in the Middle East through cultural festivals, performances, and community involvement.”


Asian Students Association

“Our mission is to recognize the social, educational, and cultural aspects in this organization in order to build awareness of the Asian and Asian-American community.”


Autism Society of North Carolina Campus Chapter

“The Autism Society of North Carolina has partnered with East Carolina University to create a community within Pitt County where children, adolescents, and adults on the autism spectrum and their families are empowered, supported, and fully embraced by their community.”


Autistic Students Alliance

“The Autistic Students Alliance exists to advocate for the advancement of Autistic people, as well as building a community of Autistic students to empower one another.”


Her+ Public Health

“Her+ Public Health is a professional organization that is dedicated to empowering the women of Public health from all underrepresented backgrounds.”


Hillel at ECU

“Hillel is a non-discriminatory cultural group meant to give Jewish students and allies of the Jewish community a place to interact socially, culturally, and religiously.”


Hmong Students Association

“Hmong Student Association members are active in volunteering and performing cultural dances in the Eastern Carolina, particularly in Greenville, to inform the community and East Carolina University about the uniqueness of the Hmong people, their culture, and fashion.”


Indian Student Association

“The purpose of this organization is to introduce, engage, and immerse the diverse culture from the subcontinent of India by establishing an organization in which we practice, perform, and participate in numerous events and activities that originate from the culture of India.”


Muslim Student Association

“East Carolina University's Muslim Student Association is an effort to unite all Muslim and non-Muslim students on East Carolina University's campus, as a result strengthening the bonds between fellow Muslim and non-Muslim students.”


 National Association of the Advancement of Colored People

“The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.”


Out in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (oStem)

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics is a professional society that aims to provide resources and increase the visibility of LGBTQ students pursuing STEM-related degrees.


Queen in You at East Carolina

“Queen In You (QIY) is an organization of female collegiate students and alumni who dedicate time to train future queens in the areas of professional development, self-esteem, etiquette, scholarship, and service.”


Religious Studies Club

“The purpose of the Religious Studies Club is to create an environment in which students from all religious and non-religious backgrounds can interact with and engage in discussion about religion from nonsectarian perspectives.”


Sexuality and Gender Alliance

Founded April 20, 1994, SAGA (formerly B-GLAD and GLBTSU) is a student, faculty and staff organization led by students at East Carolina University that is dedicated to the promotion of diversity awareness and LGBT+ education on campus as well as in the community.


STAR Fire (Support.Trust.Aspire.Respect)

 “S.T.A.R.Fire promotes diversity on ECU's campus by hosting Asian awareness events, programs focusing on leadership not just on our campus but in the world, giving back to the community through service events, promoting academic success for all of our members, and creating long-lasting relationships through sisterhood.”


Vietnamese Student Association

“The Vietnamese Student Association at East Carolina University services the students both culturally and socially. We work closely with the Vietnamese communities in the surrounding cities to keep culture alive.”

Woman Organization for Minorities Achieving Now

“This is a service & empowerment organization that is aimed towards the empowerment, enrichment, and encouragement of women that will allow them to be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally.”



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