The Alpha Delta Pi sorority house located at 1407 E. 5th Street.

East Carolina University Police Department (PD) officers responded to an incident last night which involved a man armed with a machete who wrote messages in blood of a “satanic nature” on a vehicle and residence.

ECU PD released an official statement around 2 p.m. today on its Facebook page that said the injured man had cut himself and used his blood to write the messages. The messages were written on the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house, located at 1407 E. 5th Street.

“Our officers deescalated the situation, disarmed him and sought treatment for the individual. The people in the residence were safe and unharmed,” according to the statement.

ECU PD Captain Chris Sutton said an officer was approached by a concerned citizen last night who said they had witnessed a man who appeared to be in distress with blood on his arms and hands in the Fifth Street area.

“I feel that the attention the citizen had in alerting officers to what they saw that was concerning helped bring this matter to a close quickly, and I also want to praise the officer that approached the individual and was able to de-escalate and disarm him without further incident or injury,” Sutton said.

Officers searched the area and located the individual who matched the description at Fifth and Meade Street, according to Sutton. He said the officer disarmed the man with the use of de-escalation techniques to prevent higher levels of force.

“The individual had written with his blood on a residence and also a Jeep. It’s hard to make out exactly what the writing was, but it’s believed to be satanic in nature and the verbiage he was using when he spoke to officers also seemed to be satanic as well,” Sutton said. “He wasn’t speaking in another language or speaking so incoherently that officers couldn’t understand, but the things he said seemed satanic in nature.”

Sutton said no officers were harmed at the scene, and the man was apprehended safely and without further injury. The man was transported to Vidant Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and a warrant was obtained for injury to property.

It was alleged that the man had amputated an appendage, however, Sutton said this did not occur.

 “While this is a very unfortunate incident we are thankful it ended with a peaceful resolution,” Sutton said.

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