While I was scrolling on my Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across a post by someone stating that a Walmart Supercenter has an employee or employees that are confirmed to have COVID-19, but their manager is telling them to keep it a secret. I don’t know if this rumor is entirely true, however, I’ve seen multiple posts discussing the same topic and rumor they had heard

It is a desperate time for a lot of business owners and managers when it comes to having enough employees to cover all grounds of the stores. They have to make sure the customers are following the correct social distancing protocol and all surface areas in the store are clean, but this brings so much concern for not only myself but other people as well.

If there’s weight to the rumor, this manager has put other employees at risk for allowing those tested positive to continue working. They’re also putting customers at risk by allowing this to happen. It makes me question if there are other businesses and stores that are doing something similar to this and believe there is nothing wrong with their actions. It’s honestly tiring at this point that not a lot of people are taking this pandemic seriously, or trying to downplay it, but I’m not entirely surprised. 

The United States is in the lead with at least 1.4 million confirmed total cases followed by Russia with over 262,000 total cases. It’s been over two months since everything hit the fan for the US, and we have barely reached a steady decline of confirmed cases compared to some of the other countries, according to Google News. On top of all of this, some states are slowly starting to open up a few businesses again which could potentially spike the number of confirmed cases once again. 

I understand your frustration with all of this. The economy and the job market is deteriorating because of all of this and being quarantined is getting tiring. You want to be able to go out and see your family and friends without running into any risks, but the pandemic is not going to slow down until everyone follows the CDC’s directions promptly, even when you are going out. 

If you have access to a face mask, wear it every time you go out even though it’s uncomfortable and constantly fogging up your glasses. Wear gloves if needed or carry around sanitizer or wipes wherever you go. Most stores do provide wipes before entering, so take a couple of those if you need to and wipe down any of the baskets or carts before using them. 

When you go to stores, pay attention to the signs on the ground. Stores such as Walmart and Marshalls, to name a few, have placed signs on the ground to direct one-way traffic when going down aisles to refrain customers from running into each other on both ends. A lot of stores also placed spots in the checkout lines so customers can still maintain a six-foot distance between one another. Even if the stores do not have these guides, set an example for others and practice social distancing on your own accord.

It sucks that you have to read yet another reminder of what you should do during this pandemic, but it's been two months and I still witness people not following these guidelines and it’s getting frustrating. If you want to see the number of cases decrease and have quarantine end soon so we can go back to our regular lifestyle, with caution, please use common sense and follow the guidelines.

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