The Ocean

The ocean has betrayed me.

Here I cower in a broken vessel

drifting over waves of tar

darker than the ocean’s being.

The beginning was a blessing.

The sun was reflected in every wave

and in my eyes the ocean rose

and rocked my soul so gently.

Love was in the ocean.

My feet danced in love

from stars and clouds and rays

drawn to the ocean’s vast spread.

She showed her misery.

Ink from her trenches stained

and weathered my vessel,

a prequel to the present.

When did it form?

Rolling with punches from wind

and rain pooled together,

inseparable from the other.

A futile message to peace.

Empty bottles crash around me,

knocked back to the start

by a storm feed by agony.

Pressure is constant.

I reach to the heavens, air pressure.

Sink into the ocean, and pressure.

Though crushed, receiving pressure.

Yet a diamond never formed.

Ocean, do you wish to destroy?

Separate yourself from the heavens

and remain below and lowly?

Your storms have ruined me

constrained and quaking

tossed and drowned and drifting, please

release me.

The ocean has betrayed me.

Its storms have ceased

and the heavens are bright, yet

it will not grant one wish.

The pressure below will crush me.

I watch rays of sun disperse

and fall in with the dark.

My breath a gift, and peace in turn.

Her depths are familiar.

I reach out to her,

the ocean’s maiden form,

and hold me close.

I betrayed myself.

I pull out plastic and sewage

from lands long forgotten

that clung to my skin.

The more removed, the more we cried.

How could I allow this?

Discarded thoughts from strangers

squatted in me, my vessel.

Misguided hate misguided me.

I am the vessel.

I’ll dance in storms,

bend with their winds

and laugh below the ocean’s waves.

Before the land’s trauma sinks below

I will find its source

and nurture you, Ocean.

Until the world decides

we have explored enough this life

I will find the beauty we’ve hidden

and Ocean, we will thrive.

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