St. Ivory

"St. Ivory" by Kimberly Cusack

Artist Statement: 

"The phrase 'it's a man’s world' rings more true today than ever. Attitudes of dominance, control and apathy inject themselves into our politics, social attitudes and actions towards the environment. St. Ivory is a gateway to a utopian world ruled by traditionally feminine behaviors like empathy, compromise and understanding. Here the fabric embodies a spiritual being, reaching out to the observer providing a portal to another dimension. The goddess's hand gives the viewer the number eight, a biblical symbol for rebirth. She provides rejuvenation from the masculine behaviors that have perverted this world. Surrounding the hand is a record warped by a heat gun, painted ivory, and sprayed with a glossy finish to create a glass-like appearance. The delicate center reflects how these traits are perceived as weak, easy to shatter. However, this demeanor is necessary to reign in balance and a hopeful future." -- Kimberly Cusack


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