Medium: Creative Writing/Poetry

deserve the good things, the love and affection that the universe has to provide, the ability to soar, the ability to not just survive but THRIVE. To reach up and brush your fingertips to the edge of the universe, to have it just within your grasp until one day.. it disappears. It leaves and its gone. Just like your father, just like your family, just like the adults that where supposed to love you. It leaves you without warning and without reason. To know that you haven't succeeded because you are not stupid or broken but rather because of the mistakes that selfish adults make. The mistakes of the broken, the hurt and the miserable become burdens that children carry for the rest of their lives. So we rise up to face the sunrise, only to find that the world is as unwelcoming and uncaring as the adults we where betrayed by. We watch it rise and then finally set as we stand there, paralyzed. I stand there and reach out into the night, but nothing comes

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