"Inside of Trich No. 1" by Carla Rivas Portillo

"I am still in the process of discovering what concentration I should get into. I do know that I will stick to painting and drawing, even if I am not accepted into the program. I was very hesitant on the subject matter because it is something I have dealt with since I was small. I sugar from trichotillomania, the urge to pull out my hair, and it has caused me to challenge my self-confidence. I felt I needed to get out of my comfort zone in more than one way. Not only did I confront the issue that I didn't want to face, but I also experienced ink wash for the first time and grew to love it. The spontaneous ink was inspiration from schizophrenic Chinese painters, particularly that of Xu Wei Doing. These drawings actually helped me understand myself better and I hope to keep understanding."

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