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After the pirate statue was vandalized during homecoming weekend at East Carolina University, it is set to return to its original location on main campus on Nov. 17.

East Carolina University’s pirate statue is set to return to its original location on main campus on Nov. 17 after it was vandalized during homecoming weekend

In an ECU News Services press release, it was announced the pirate statue, located on the main campus mall across from Cotten Residence Hall, will return to its original place with a commemoration of its reinstallation on Nov. 17 at noon.

`Technicians in the ECU School of Art and Design used wood, fiberglass cloth and resin, epoxy putty, Bondo putty, paint, urethane and hardware to repair and reinforce the statue, the press release said. The statue also features a new earring and sword blade.

“The Pirate statue has stood as an iconic feature of the campus mall since 2008, when it was donated to the university as part of a Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce fundraiser,” the press release said. 

Efe Mert Erdem was arrested on Oct. 3 and was charged for injury to real property to the statue and underage drinking. Erdem appeared in Pitt County District Court on Nov. 4 before Judge Daniel Entzminger. Erdem waived his right to a court-appointed lawyer and intends to hire his own attorney. The case will continue on Jan. 25, 2022. 

Students came together the night of Oct. 3 to hold a memorial for the Pirate statue. At the event, students left memorabilia where the statue once stood and honored the campus monument with a “celebration of life.”

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