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Music is an important and key part of life as it is can be listened everyday while completing daily tasks and can be associated with mental health.

Music is a crucial part of my life as it is involved while I am doing everyday habits and is associated with my mental health. No matter what music genre I listen to, it makes me feel as if I am not lonely in the world.

One thing that has saved my life is music. It is all around us as it is on the radio when you get in the car, in the background of TV shows or movies, any sort of videos or played in restaurants. The list is neverending.

I listen to music 24/7. I do not have a specific favorite music genre since I listen to various genres. It could be rap, alternative, rock, classics, I listen to it all. Music has helped me cope; music always makes me feel good.

Whether it be when I am walking  to class, taking my dog out, driving or just being around my house, music has, is, and will always be a part of my life. It has kept me sane throughout several dark times in my life. It has additionally been there for me when I have been my happiest. 

One’s mental health can be improved with music as lyrics often relate to what one feels. Artists often go through similar hard times as the average person does. Everyone has struggled in some sort of way. Most music artists have also been through some difficulties and obstacles during their lifetime. The fact that music artists can form lyrics to touch various amounts of individuals is breathtaking.

I am not musically talented at all. I cannot sing, write music for the life of me or play any sort of instrument. With that being said, I admire the music artists in today's society. I wish I could speak to people through music as music has spoken to me.

Different types of music create different feelings in every person. Individuals have the opportunity to listen to what makes them feel happy, excited, or even sad and depressed. When I am stressed, ecstatic, sad or angry, I listen to music.

I listen to music according to my current mood or the way I am feeling. The lyrics make me feel as if I am not alone when I feel as if I do not belong in the world.

Music has helped me, alongside many people I know, mentally and physically. For example, when I have felt at my lowest point in life, the band LANY had a serious impact on my life. LANY has written several songs about breakups, coping with sadness and loneliness, just as I felt and currently feel at times. You can just sit there and listen to the artist’s words, relate, and feel like you’re not alone.

I had the privilege to see LANY in concert a few weeks ago, and I had the time of my life. The whole crowd also had the best time as everyone was screaming and singing their hearts out to the lyrics being played. It was the best night just to see that I, again, wasn't the only one to feel alone or sad and could relate to LANY and the things they write, produce and release. I am not the only one who feels depressive thoughts and enjoys music that helps one feel better. LANY is not the only band who has had a positive impact on my life. As stated before, my music taste varies, but just to list a few music groups or artists who have helped improve my mental health is Maroon 5, Queen, Glass Animals, Mac Miller, The 1975 alongside several others whom I listen to on the daily.

Artists can form endless amounts of new music that varies. Music is ever-changing as time goes on. Musicians write songs relating to so many things, which mainly involve what era it is made, and what society was or is currently like. 80's, 90’s and current music have all spoken to me in numerous ways.

Everyone may have different tastes in music, but one of the biggest impacts of what is being released is on what the present society enjoys as a collective. Songs are made to please the artist, but also to please the public. Music helps the artists express their feelings in terms of what they are going through at past or present moments.

The beats, rhythms, lyrics, all help people, as well as myself, feel okay. My love for music is extraordinary and I wish I could give to people what musicians have given to me. Malls, grocery or local stores, restaurants, gyms, what do you hear? Music. Why? Because it helps people feel good.

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