Pirate Rants

Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants.

The AC is broken in my apartment and it feels like the Bate building.

I get underage drinking is important but a cashier screamed at me and threatened to call police and tear up my real ID because it was "the worst fake" she had ever seen.

These rants are fun, wish there was a way to do them on instagram or twitter though.

Great season ECU Baseball! GO Pirates!

It makes no sense that we have to pay for the deck during the summer. I know the school has to make money and we sound like a broken record but still.

Groceries are way too high and it's only going to get worse from here.

My freshman year orientation they served these really good fries at the dining hall and then I never saw them again. They tricked us into thinking the food here was actually good.

These student apartments need to get it together immediately. I have had the worst experience this year.

We need more food options in Greenville. We have multiple of fast food restaurants on like every corner and who wants to cook every single day to get something new and different. We need better options here.

I think we need a PopShelf in Greenville, it's a really cool store but the closest one is in Raleigh.

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