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Netflix movie “The Old Guard,” which was released on July 10, is two hours and five minutes packed full of action and witty humour.

The director of the film Gina Prince Bythewood based the movie on the original graphic novel series “The Old Guard” written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Leandro Fernandez. The film is rated R for graphic violence and language and falls under the genres of action, adventure, fantasy and thriller.

The movie starts off with the immortal warriors (The Old Guard) shot down by soldiers sent to hunt them down by a pharmaceutical CEO. The camera focuses on the leader of the immortals, Andy (Charlize Theron).

Andy and her team Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luea Marinelli) are immortal warriors and the reason that they do not die is unknown. Throughout centuries, the team has saved humanity while the world is not seeming to get better.

The team is asked to do a job by James Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a former CIA agent, to save children in Sudan. They later find out that Copley set them up to be captured and researched by Steven Merrick (Harry Melling), a CEO of a major pharmaceutical company. Merrick wants to study them to figure out the answer to immortality. Copley works with him because he said “I thought it would be a gift to the world” to save people from disease, because he lost his wife to ALS two years prior.

“I've been here before. Over and over again. And each time the same question. Is this it? Will this time be the one? And each time the same answer. And I'm just so tired of it,” Andy said in the opening line.

Andy is tired of fighting for a world that she claims is not getting better but worse. She doesn't know how old she is and she doesn’t remember her family.

“I can't remember what my mother looked like. Or my sisters. None of them,” Andy said.

She is ready to quit fighting to save the world. At different times in the movie, the team (The Old Guard) thinks about the people they have lost, making the audience empathize and feel sad for them because they are humans who express their own emotions. At these points in the film it is a reminder of their humanity. The movie explores the meaning of humanity and death.

After the team learns it has been set up and is being hunted, the team members have a dream or a vision about another immortal. The thrill begins with intense fight scenes and motives are revealed. A new member of the team is Nile Freeman (KiKi Layne), a young woman who is revealed to The Old Guard team through a dream.

Andy said there hasn’t been a new immortal in 200 years. The team goes to find her because they know that she is confused and scared. Andy goes and saves her from being captured by the military for testing. Andy goes to get her and she puts up a fight that is no match for Andy.

Throughout the movie, Nile fights what she has learned about her immortality because she is thinking about her family. This scene is crucial to the movie as it shows Nile’s humanity.

Copley shows Nile his research of the team for the last 150 years and explains to her why he is working with Merrick. She gets them out of the lab and they go after Merrick.

At this point in the movie you are conflicted because you sympathize with Copley because of the loss of his wife but you also want to protect the old guard team. Most people would want to know how to live longer and cure incurable diseases. But as you get to know the team you do not want them to be captured and treated like animals.

There was a surprise at the end that hinted at a sequel that the audience can look forward to.The production was nicely done, and the film stayed interesting throughout with excellent cinematography. The acting in the film was awesome. The film’s soundtrack also stood out and was fitting for the tone of each scene.

Rating 5/5

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