Muscle Maker grill

Muscle Maker Grill will open a new location at ECU's Health Sciences Campus in the fall. 

Muscle Maker Grill, located at 3150 Evans St. Suite P, will open a new location in the East Carolina University Health Sciences Campus Student Center dining hall this coming fall.

Ahmad Aboshie, ECU alumnus and franchise owner of Muscle Maker Grill, said Muscle Maker Grill is the first local restaurant to be allowed in ECU’s Health Sciences campus dining hall.

“Muscle Maker Grill is the first fast, casual healthy restaurant in Eastern NC (North Carolina). We aim to offer our customers a fresh, affordable and healthier version of their favorite meals, so they can enjoy eating out with no guilt,” Aboshie said in an email statement.

Muscle Maker Grill will accept Pirate Meals, all major credit cards and cash as forms of payment, Aboshie said. The menu will be limited to be able to serve orders quickly and the tables will be spread out six feet apart to make it easier to practice social distancing for everyone’s safety. Aboshie said there will be training for the staff a month before opening on safe practices as well.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxing, Aboshie said, and customers come to the restaurant, where they are treated like family, for a meal and stay for a couple of hours to study, work and catch up with friends.

“We are known for our amazing wraps, mouth watering grass-fed burgers, great fresh salads, a variety of entrees, natural chicken and more. We also offer Impossible meatless for our veggie/vegan community, which is amazing because it really opens up the menu choices when they can substitute it for the protein. We also serve 100% fruit smoothies as well as protein drinks,” Aboshie said in an email statement.

Aboshie said it is important for ECU students to have a fresh and healthy meal option when eating on campus.

“There are so many mainstream options offered to them right now, but I felt that there was a void in the area of nutritious dining. I've been there before, I gained the freshman 15, I want to help our young Pirates stay ahead of the curve and make sure that they are putting the best food in their bodies. A clean meal fuels a clean mind, and we wish success to all of the students and staff,” Aboshie said in an email statement.

Muscle Maker Grill was the 2018 winner of ECU’s best restaurant partner award, according to Aboshie, and the grill has made donations to most of the departments at ECU. As an alumnus, Aboshie said he is proud to give back. He said Muscle Maker Grill also sponsors one Pirate Tailgate event each football season.

“I feel deeply connected to the community and especially the Pirate community. I have received support over the years from the Pirate nation, so I knew that I wanted to be right here, where I could serve and give back to my Pirate community and wonderful city,” Aboshie said in an email statement.

Rania Issa, an employee at Muscle Maker Grill, said she thinks it is time for students and staff to have a fresh and nutritious dining option accessible to them at ECU’s Health and Science campus dining hall.

“MMG’ (Muscle Maker Grill) food is packed with flavor, without packing on the calories. We also have a great vegan menu. We offer the Impossible meat, which can be substituted for the protein into any meal. Students, we also offer meal plans, so you can enjoy great MMG meals all week long. Just choose what meals you want and let us know when you want to pick them up,” Issa said.

More information on Muscle Maker Grill can be found on its website.

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