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COVID-19 molecule. 

East Carolina University Student Health Services (SHS) will continue to offer students the option to be tested for COVID-19 before they leave campus on Nov. 24 for winter break.

ECU Student Affairs sent an email statement to students on Nov. 13 with the details of testing, which will occur Nov. 16 through Nov. 20 in a drive-thru at the Main Campus Student Health Services (SHS) location. Students who choose to get tested will have their results back before they return home and those who test positive will be allowed to quarantine on campus.

If a student was previously scheduled for a test on Nov. 17, they are not required to get a second test, according to the statement. For other on and off campus students who want an exit test, the cost is their responsibility, but insurance can be filed. An appointment will be required and can be scheduled by calling SHS.

“Students who stay in the residence halls for ECU intersession winter term and are also staying on campus for spring 2021 will be tested by SHS on Monday, January 4, 2021,” the statement said. “Students testing positive will move to an isolation space on College Hill until cleared to exit by SHS.”

Once students have returned home, Student Affairs continues to encourage them to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 3W’s (Wear, Wash, Wait) and avoid high risk settings in order to protect themselves and their families, according to the statement. The statement said actions of students may impact ECU’s plan for spring 2021.

The statement said students who choose to live on-campus in the spring will be required to get a molecular COVID-19 test seven days or less before they return, but the test cannot be taken before Jan. 7. SHS continues to offer testing to students but they can be tested by an outside provider if they prefer, the statement said. However, if students are tested outside of SHS, they must send them their results.

“Students are to submit their test results by uploading them to MyPirateChart or submitting them via,” the statement said. “Students must be cleared by SHS personnel before they are able to move into their residence halls.”

SHS will then provide students with a clearance letter that has to be sent to Campus Living, according to the statement. If a student tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days, they are not required to be tested until the 90 day window passes.

The statement said all students will be encouraged to get tested by SHS at the end of January in order for the university to have an accurate baseline of testing data. More information will be forthcoming about testing in December and spring 2021 and students should frequently check their email over winter break for more updates.

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