The Breakfast Bar

The Breakfast Bar opened on Sept 19 and serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch at reasonable prices.

A new breakfast and brunch restaurant, The Breakfast Bar, located at 605 Albemarle Ave., opened in Greenville, North Carolina on Sept. 19, and continues to serve breakfast food at a reasonable price to the community.

The Breakfast Bar is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and hosts a weekly event, called “Soul Food Sunday,” every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or until food sells out, Quinetta Wilson, the owner of The Breakfast Bar, said.

“We (The Breakfast Bar) serve breakfast, lunch and brunch. (We have) every type of breakfast food you can probably think of. We serve chicken and waffles, fish and grits, salmon and things of that nature,” Wilson said.

Most of the meals the restaurant offers are under $10, Wilson said. She said she wants to keep the restaurant family-friendly while it offers food at a decent price.

Wilson said the idea came to her when she realized the lack of breakfast restaurants in Greenville.

“My family had always been in the food business, and I had always created different businesses because I am an entrepreneur, so it just came naturally to me to open up a restaurant,” Wilson said. “I wanted to do breakfast and call it The Breakfast Bar to have something different for this area because there’s not really any breakfast spots around here. This place is known for soul food and different things like that, so I wanted to do something different.”

So far, the restaurant has received positive feedback, Wilson said. Customers have appreciated the food the restaurant offers, the customer service and the prices, according to Wilson.

The opening of The Breakfast Bar was postponed due to COVID-19, but the restaurant was still able to open in a timely manner, Wilson said. Staff members at The Breakfast Bar are also practicing safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus, she said.

“All our employees wear masks, they constantly wash their hands and they’re wearing gloves as well when serving. We sanitize and deep clean our restaurant every night. In between customers, we sanitize. We wipe down everything and just stay as precautious as possible to do our best to avoid that. We do have our customers wear masks as well,” Wilson said.

The goals of The Breakfast Bar, Wilson said, are to continue to get positive feedback from customers and to serve good food at a reasonable price.

Wilson said she believes people should visit The Breakfast Bar as she believes the customer service and the food the restaurant serves are good. Wilson said she is excited to see the restaurant’s progress in Greenville.

“Everything at our restaurant is reasonable, that’s the whole model. We’re celebrating family, food and friends and keeping decent food at a decent price so everybody can enjoy it,” Wilson said. “I’m just excited to be here and excited to have opened up the restaurant here. The community feedback in regards to the restaurant has been great. I’m really excited about the customers, I really appreciate them.”

Tanya Brown, a Greenville resident, said she has visited The Breakfast Bar multiple times since the restaurant’s grand opening on Sept. 19. She said she likes to come to the restaurant with her grandchildren.

Brown said her favorite dishes at The Breakfast Bar are the chicken and waffles as well as the fish selections. She said she originally heard about The Breakfast Bar through social media and other people, and decided to try it out.

“The atmosphere is really nice,” Brown said. “The customer service is great, If you’re big on customer service and if you love great food, you want to go.If you want great food for the price, the prices are great. The prices are a great deal.”

The prices of the meals for the quantity and quality of the food is reasonable, according to Brown. She said she believes the restaurant is there to serve the people of Greenville and provide them with tasty food regardless of the cost.

Brown said she appreciates the cleanliness of The Breakfast Bar. She said she likes how the restaurant enforces the employees to wear face masks and how clean the restaurant is when she visits.

“I think everything is nice, the way they have it set up and it's clean. With the way the economy is right now, I would say that she (Wilson) has to be doing it to help people. I don’t think it's about the money, otherwise her prices would be high. The chicken and waffles, you get wings, and that’s premium,” Brown said.

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