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My name is Jala Davis, I am 21 years old and I am going to tell you why Sharpay Evans of East High School is the true victim of the popular Disney Channel High School Musical series.

In 2006, Disney Channel released a musical style movie highlighting the lives of multiple high school students at East High School, seemingly a performing arts school. Now, I could talk about all of the students that are a part of the main cast but that’s not the point of this. I will be talking mainly about three of the main characters, Troy Bolton, Gabriela Montez and Sharpay Evans, the victim in all of the debauchery.

From the first movie of the series, High School Musical plays into the main blonde vs. brunette troupe in its films, where the blonde is the bully or mean girl and the brunette is the timid yet victorious one in it all. Although that’s what disney attempted to do in these movies and for a short time it may have worked, but I am here to tell you that as an adult, this no longer works on me.

I am here to tell you all that Gabriela Montez was the true villain of East High School and Sharpay Evans is absolutely the victim.

We all know that Sharpay Evans was raised to be the star of the show, both literally and figuratively. We also know that Sharpay spent her whole life for the theater and she put her entire heart and soul into her career. Everyone knew that, from the staff, faculty and students at East High, to the viewers at home.

She worked day in and day out making sure that her vocals were intact, her lines were memorized, her outfits were up to par and her hair and makeup was never out of place. Now, was Sharpay a perfect little angel? No, no one is, but that’s what makes her a better person at the end of the day.

With that being said and without retelling the entirety of the first movie, having Gabriela Montez come in, after singing one little song and stealing literally everything that Sharpay has worked for her entire life is really mind blowing. It is beyond me how no one had the gumption to stand up for Sharpay, except for Zeke, he did what needed to be done.

Not diving too much into movie one because there’s not much to say about that because all of my anger and distaste comes in with movie number two. Although this is my favorite movie of the three, this was also the movie where I knew that Gabriela was no good.

Here’s the story, Sharpay’s family is super rich and they have a country club where Sharpay obviously calls the shots. Now, let’s get into the dynamic between Troy and Sharpay. Actually, you can’t talk about their dynamic without highlighting the fact that Gabriela ruined that too, but I digress.

OK, moving on. Troy’s entire conundrum throughout the first movie was having to choose between basketball and the arts. My good sis Sharpay had the perfect set up for Troy at her country club so that he wouldn’t have to choose! However, he let Gabriela come in, steal Sharpay’s man and her spot on stage, all because she once again sung one little song.

It’s actually really pitiful how everyone treated Sharpay and made her the villain of the story, yet she was actually the one being done wrong the entire time and by literally everyone that was around her. Sharpay is actually the best part of the movie, well all of the movies and she certainly deserves better. At least in my book and Zeke’s she will always be number one.

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