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A Customer Service employee assists two students at the Main Campus Student Center.

As students look for ways to earn money following the end of the academic year, East Carolina University staff and local Greenville, North Carolina, employers provide information on job opportunities for students in the area during the summer. 

Tom Halasz, director of ECU’s Career Services, said there are many summer employment opportunities available that students can take advantage of. Many organizations are low on employment, he said, and need workers for the summer season. 

There are also many opportunities for student internships as well, Halasz said, which are structured work experiences that promote learning.

“The difference between a summer job and an internship is the internship is focused on the student learning something. The summer job, largely, it’s about performing the work that needs to be done,” Halasz said. “So there’s an expectation (at) the internship that students are gonna learn, and again, it’s more structured.” 

In student employment, Halasz said individuals can utilize Career Services, a department that focuses on assisting students in career development. ECU’s student employment is a part of the university’s Human Resources (HR) Department, and he said the HR Department can help students with both on and off campus job opportunities.

ECU’s Career Services has an online platform known as the Handshake system, Halasz said, which helps students find jobs, internships and allows them to explore career options. 

The week of May 22, Halasz said there were almost 2,000 seasonal job opportunities for first year students. As of now, he said most places and organizations are hiring employees. 

“Sometimes first year students have concerns about being able to get jobs or internships, and I can assure that there are jobs out there. So Student Employment, Career Services, Handshake system, is where students can find those jobs,” Halasz said. 

The classroom experience will help students get a career, Halasz said, but getting practical experience with work is important for making career decisions. He said there are many positions available, including Pirate Techs and Service Desk, Box Office Assistant, Student Camp Supervisors, Central Reservations Office Production Services Technicians and more. 

It is typically encouraged for first-year students to have resumes, Halasz said, because it helps potential employers recognize a students' work ethic. He said most employers may also require a form of identification, such as a driver’s license and social security card for the purpose of citizenship. 

Halasz said being employed with the university also helps to keep students engaged with faculty and staff on campus, who care both about their well being and academic performance. He said local employers are not as concerned in the same way the university and its faculty are.

“We want students to perform well. A local employer needs you to meet the needs of their business, and there's nothing wrong with that,” Halasz said. “But their priorities’ (are) a little bit different. So getting experience as well as managing the academic experience are important parts of student employment on campus.” 

Student Employment Marketing Specialist Marilynn Alphin said there are a lot of opportunities in many departments across campus that are in great need of student employees. 

As of now, Alphin said almost every university department is hiring, including positions in administrative and office, academic tutoring, Campus Living, the Child Development Center, Campus Recreation and ECU Transit. 

Any employment position a student has at ECU will work around the student’s schedule and prioritize academics, Alphin said, an opportunity that not all employers provide. She said the university offers several opportunities for positions in a variety of departments during the summer season.

“Right now if you’re looking for a student position, now is the time,” Alphin said. “Nobody should be able to say they can’t find one right now.” 

Alphin said students can find out more information by contacting Student Employment by email and by phone at (252) 737-5573. She said specific job opportunities can be found on Student Employment’s website

As an employee with the university, Alphin said a student gains the opportunity to network, create business relationships with faculty and staff, obtain reliable references and find direct positions for career training and exposure experiences.

“Networking is a really big deal,” Alphin said. “It also helps with real life experience, I think, because you have a lot of people coming into college that really haven’t had maybe to manage their own finances or had the responsibility of a job, so all of those are good things.

Alphin said each department varies in its hiring decisions, required information and documents for various positions. However, she said it is encouraged for all students to have a resume, references and plan for the interviewing process. 

Student Employment assists students in the I-9 process, direct deposit information, assurance of equal pay, and answering questions, Alphin said. She said several students from the university have gone on to become permanent employees with the university, and the learning experiences gained as a student became very helpful for the process. 

“When they got the opportunity to be a permanent employee, it was a very smooth transition, which is great for the employee, but it’s also great for the university,” Alphin said.

David Hollinger, managing partner of Greenville’s Texas Roadhouse, said there are many positions available in the restaurant chain industry, including serving, hosting and any position related to both front and back of house operations. 

A student who works at the establishment can receive many benefits due to the restaurant’s established business and opportunities offered, Hollinger said, such as adding to one’s resume.

“We’re a Fortune 500 company, and we’re nationally recognized out of 700 stores. Texas Roadhouse in Greenville was recognized as the top store in the company for 2019. So if you put that on the resume, that looks pretty good,” Hollinger said. 

The establishment is very flexible to accommodate any other schedules a college student may have, Hollinger said, and rewards are usually given on a performance basis.

Students who work there are put in a fast-paced environment that consists of a lot of teamwork, Hollinger said. Texas Roadhouse’s mission revolves around serving others and putting them first, according to its website. 

“We (Texas Roadhouse employees) reward on performance, and we’re a people company that just happens to serve steaks,” Hollinger said. 

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