East Carolina University Student Government Association Assembly passed the Survivors Support Resolution on Nov. 17, supporting the ECU student body’s effort to remove the Theta Chi Fraternity from campus.

East Carolina University Student Government Association (SGA) Assembly passed the Survivors Support Resolution on Nov. 17 in response to events regarding the Theta Chi sexual assault allegations on Oct. 29.

In a statement written by SGA President Chandler Ward on Nov. 18, he said SGA has the ultimate goal of ensuring ECU has a safe community. ECU has a zero-tolerance attitude toward drink tampering, sexual assault and related activities that would infringe on students’ health, safety and ability to succeed in their academic goals.

“The Student Government Association represents all the students of ECU, and we wanted to make it clear that these actions are unacceptable on this campus or anywhere,” Ward said. “While the SGA Assembly understands the investigation is ongoing and student organizations have the right to due process, we strongly encourage officials to make note of the organizations repetitive conduct history.”

The resolution was passed in response to the ECU Alert sent on Nov. 9 about an alleged drink tampering that led to a sexual assault at the Theta Chi fraternity house on Oct. 29. The incident motivated a petition to remove Theta Chi from ECU with almost 6,000 signatures, an Instagram page and protests outside the fraternity house and on campus.

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the decisions by ECU and the national chapter of Theta Chi organization will determine Theta Chi’s future on campus, Ward said, and the SGA Assembly has expressed its support for a suspension.

Freshman social work major Jordan Kingsbury, who is one of the organizers of the Theta Chi protests, said the SGA meeting on Nov. 17 was a step in the right direction toward removing Theta Chi from ECU. She said the SGA proposed resolution was written by SGA members for the safety of all ECU students.

Kingsbury said the SGA resolution shows that goals can be achieved when the student body comes together to work toward a common purpose.

“The student body is the largest and loudest voice of this university, and we will not be silenced when it comes to the safety of ourselves and our peers,” Kingsbury said. “To the SGA, we thank you for believing, backing, and standing with survivors. To my fellow peers, this is just the beginning of our movement to make this campus safe.”

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