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Customers sit in the new location of Fleet Feet, trying on their products.

Local startups Brewcycle and Cycleologie, Greenville’s first premier indoor cycling studio combined with a beverage bar, are now open and offering coffee and cycling classes from their new location on 207 E. Arlington Blvd. alongside the relocation of running apparel store Fleet Feet.

The new location includes two new ventures by local owners and operators of Fleet Feet, Chris and Kendra Loignon, General Manager for Fleet Feet and Cycleologie Rachel Craft said. Brewcycle is a coffee shop with a brick and mortar store in the new larger location, offering free community runs that begin and end from their store, Craft said. She said Cycleologie provides a membership service for indoor cycling classes at the same location.

Fleet Feet is a local franchise that specializes in providing proper footwear to customers using a 3-D foot scanner and dynamic pressure plate, Craft said. She said Fleet Feet offers club runs and free community and coffee runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings for all abilities. They also have training programs for four miles to a full marathon, she said.

“So we do have set routes for each of those runs and then we provide a route sheet. You know, if this is your first time joining us, you can just follow this little map, essentially. Our goal is for everybody to have a friend to run or walk with, to kind of build that community,” Craft said.

Cycleologie is hosting some specials including the one mile Summer Speed Series for $35 as well as $30 individual classes or membership passes found on their website. There will also be upcoming back-to-school specials and community classes, she said, and the next training program will start in August for the Ironclad half marathon that will take place in Kinston in October.

This one-stop-shop for the community hosts an uplifting atmosphere for the beginning of a fitness journey, Craft said, offering athletic wear, shoes, cycling, running, coffee, and beverages. The Cycleologie space at the new location is more spacious and features a premier indoor cycling studio in Greenville, Craft said.

“It has been amazing because there is no other indoor cycling studio in Greenville and so I am super excited to bring that to town because it is an amazing workout,” Craft said. “We love it because it just has no impact. As runners we hear a lot of times people are searching for cross training methods to strengthen their leg muscles to prevent injury.”

Craft has been working at Fleet Feet for three and a half years and said Fleet Feet and Cycleologie have been able to provide local services for Greenville’s running communities. She said Fleet Feet and Cycleologie are also businesses that give back to the community and aim to partner with 24 local organizations, one for each month.

Craft said this month’s community partner is Ainsley’s Angels, a local nonprofit that promotes awareness and inclusion through running. Cycleologie and Fleet Feet work together as businesses to create a unique community of running and biking, she said, providing low-impact cross training and strengthening for their customers. Craft said Fleet Feet also hosts a Facebook group for runners to meet fellow runners.

“We can even do special classes for groups on campus so we are hoping to reach people that way,” Craft said. “With the monthly community partner rides that we plan on doing, and those will be open to anyone, you don’t have to be a member to come to those, and we will accept donations for that ride and those will be donated to the community partner. We will have that schedule coming out soon.”

Fleet Feet, Cycleologie and Brew Cycle all have components of community service embedded into their business, Craft said. She said working with the Loignons has been an opportunity to get to know the running community in Greenville.

These three businesses have created a special running and biking community in Greenville, Craft said, a space where people can begin and end their fitness journey. She said with more monthly community partners, the new larger location to house Fleet Feet, Cycleologie and Brew Cycle can create a community fitness journey.

“It has been amazing, just working with Chris and Kendra, their emphasis is service to the community, service to our customers, just sharing that love of locals with all the non profits we partner with. We do one a month, we call it our monthly community partner, so just really having that emphasis on helping to take care of our communities, has been really inspiring,” Craft said.

Before the pandemic, Owner of Fleet Feet, Cycleologie and Brewcycle Chris Loignon said he saw a need for a place that offered indoor cycling studio classes with individualized instructors. Fleet Feet focuses on running and Cycleologie offers cycling classes, he said, all under one roof.

Brewcycle started off as a beverage bike, with an attached cooler packed with beer or coffee that can be ridden during runs hosted by Fleet Feet, Loignon said. But, he said it now includes a location in the store for people to buy drinks as well as other coffee merchandise. All net profits from Brewcycle go directly to the monthly community partner to donate back to the community, Loignon said.

“There's the cycle studio and the coffee shop on one side and Fleet Feet on the other. So when the Fleet Feet store is open 10 (a.m.) to 7 (p.m.) during the week, the doors to the coffee shop basically open up. And I would say in the last few weeks, especially more this week, we've had more and more customers going over there, grabbing a cup of coffee, coming back and getting their shoes for us or from us on the Fleet Feet side, which is pretty cool to see,” Loignon said.

A weekend-long party for the grand opening of the new location was held from July 8 to July 10, Loignon said, which included a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the City of Greenville’s Department of Commerce, a three and five mile coffee run and free Cycleologie classes.

The two moved from Winston Salem, NC, hoping to become business owners, Loignon said, and decided to open their first startup, Fleet Feet, in Greenville. He said they opened the Fleet Feet franchise in 2015. The mom-and-pop store is a family business, Loignon said, even with help from his two young sons who give out water during the weekly runs.

“When we sat down and wanted to open up a franchise, we pretty much put a list together of cities we wanted to be in. You know, it was a very short list. But at the top of the list was Greenville, that was truly number one. We knew coming back to Greenville would be really cool for our family, especially for our boys to kind of grow up in the Pirate country to let them participate in all those school events that our city offers,” Loignon said.

Erin Ruyle, director of Tourism and Development for the City of Washington, said she is an avid runner who joined Fleet Feet for the running and training programs two years ago and recently decided to try the cycling classes at Cycleologie.

The space is much bigger, she said, and is a great location to run to and from, especially with its easy access to the nearby Greenville Greenway. She said she signed up for the Summer Speed Series and is getting to know the running community in Greenville.

“I came in for a Monday morning class. I think this is week four. I like it. Great instructors. Great energy. Great studio. Great music. It's fun. I am a runner by heart and it's a great way to cross train and do something a little different,” Ruyle said.

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