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An anonymous Instagram account called Dear ECU has started to shine a light on the discrimination and microaggressions on East Carolina University’s campus and provides a safe way for people to share their stories. The account was inspired by similar accounts at other universities within the University of North Carolina System. The purpose of the account is to provide a safe and anonymous space for students, faculty and alumni to share their stories where they have encountered racism at ECU.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe it is great that people who feel discriminated against have a safe place to share their stories and shine a light on issues that the university has. However, without a plan to fix the problem, it is just words.

Many different scenarios of discrimination on campus have come forth, whether it be intentional or unintentional microaggressions, including a story involving Student Media. This behavior should not be tolerated and should be addressed by the school.

As the editorial staff, we would like to assure our viewers that we work hard as the leaders of our paper to ensure that each member of our staff feels equal and accepted in our office, no matter their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, amongst others. It is not just the university’s responsibility to ensure that ECU’s campus is safe for everyone, but it is our responsibility as leaders to hold ourselves accountable.

Dear ECU has captured the attention of ECU Student Affairs with a follow from their own Instagram account, but ECU has yet to address any of these stories posted on the account. We think it is very important for ECU to acknowledge and address these incidents and to investigate them if necessary.

The light of intolerance is currently shining brighter than ever on society. It will leave no room for shadows or darkness to hide. There is no room in this new environment to allow for these occurrences to go unchecked.

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