Bubbles Mural

"Bubbles" mural located on the Fourth Street parking deck completed by Helen Lewis and the help of fellow artist Kinsley Rhodes.

The City of Greenville, North Carolina, has introduced several new art projects across its Uptown area for residents and visitors to admire from local artists. Most recently, a mural project on the parking deck located on Fourth Street, “A Great Place To Be Outside,” has been created by East Carolina University alumni Karena “Kidd” Graves and Rakia Jackson. In February, the parking deck saw the painting of its first mural, titled “Bubbles,” by ECU alumna Helen Lewis.

The Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge has generated a five-year Emerald Loop Project, which will connect artistic projects around the Uptown Greenville area. The first of a series of works in the five-year project will be “The Emerald Loop,” set to be located at the Evans Street and Reade Circle intersection. The intersection Pavement Art began on June 27.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, appreciate the City of Greenville’s continuous effort to bring creative artwork to the city’s uptown area and highlight local artists and their work. We look forward to the addition of future artwork by local artists throughout uptown. Local artists deserve recognition for the talents they possess and we admire their willingness to spread their creativity with residents and visitors of Greenville.

The city’s initiative to highlight Black creatives is appreciated as well, as both parking deck murals were created by Black artists. The Greenville City Council has also begun to pay more attention to Black artists, with the First Street “Unite Against Racism” mural being the city’s first public artwork created by Black artists.

The addition of artwork across the City of Greenville will enhance the city’s atmosphere and create opportunities for people of all ages to explore the offerings of Greenville. Murals across the city may encourage others to explore avenues in the arts and bring confidence to their talents.

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