halloween safety fair

East Carolina University encourages campus safety during Halloween with events like their Halloween Safety Fair. 

East Carolina University officials provide safety tips and strategies students can utilize in preparation of the upcoming Halloweekend.

Philip Rogers, chancellor of the university, said Halloweekend is an “exciting” event in which people of any age can look forward to, but it’s very important to be aware of actions and safety precautions during this time.

“We want our university community to enjoy this time, but we want them to do so in a very safe and thoughtful manner,” Rogers said.

It is hopeful that students will practice potential safety strategies, Rogers said, such as walking together in a group at late hours and remaining aware of their environment and surroundings.

There will be extra safety precautions implemented, Rogers said, but individuals are also responsible for taking their own precautions to ensure their safety. Rogers said the university has partnered with local police to further safety precautions.

“We’ll be working with the ECU Police Department, with the Greenville Police, to ensure that we have appropriate coverage in Uptown and all around campus to protect and hopefully ensure the safety of everyone in our university community that engages in those activities,” Rogers said.

Chris Sutton, field operations captain of the ECU Police Department (ECU PD), said he encourages students who plan to go to certain events during Halloweekend to control their own outcomes as much as possible.

This event typically results in students partaking in binge drinking, Sutton said, and since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, it may cause students to extend their celebration time.

“There’s a good chance that some people will try to enjoy Halloween festivities from Thursday night all the way through Monday night,” Sutton said. “And in doing that, there’s a good chance they may not always have the awareness, the judgment they need to control their outcomes.”

Sutton said students who are able to control their own actions and remain aware of their surroundings are less likely to become a victim.

There will be extra officers from ECUPD and the Greenville Police Department on patrol beginning Oct. 27 and extending until Oct. 31, Sutton said. Since the celebratory event will cover four days, Sutton said staff will rotate shifts throughout the week.

Sutton said he encourages students to download the LiveSafe app, in which students can directly contact the dispatch office and allow others to keep track of their location. Sutton said the app also allows students to directly send photos and videos.

“So if there’s any situation where they’re (students) not comfortable, then they can connect with us and let us know that, but there’s also a feature on that app where they can use a Safe Walk where they can connect to another individual,” Sutton said.

Anastasia Mumford, senior biology major, said she encourages students who are planning on drinking to not drive and recommends for students to have a designated driver.

It’s important to watch out for friends and those within your group, Mumford said, and to stick with them throughout the night as well as being prepared for potential emergency situations, such as alcohol poisoning.

“Don’t leave your girlfriends alone, never go to frat parties, and stay close together,” Mumford said.

It’s also important to not leave drinks unattended or take drinks from just anyone, Mumford said, as this can be potentially very dangerous.

Mumford said she encourages students to use the LiveSafe app, and recommends being extra careful throughout the week due to visitors from other universities and all around.

“You’d rather be safe than sorry, because you have students coming from different schools, different states,” Mumford said. “Everyone’s coming here for Halloween.”

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