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Under a new bill in North Carolina, sports betting would be legal for residents across the state.

Recently, the North Carolina House of Representatives brought up a bill, HB347, that would legalize sports betting throughout the state for all individuals.

Sports betting is where two or more individuals wage money on an athlete, a certain game, series or event. Sports betting can range from $5 to $5 million and could turn $1 into much more depending on the odds.

Bill HB347 had many state representatives backing it up from both the Democratic and Republican parties. North Carolinians are now waiting for the bipartisan bill to be voted on by the Senate which would then move on to Governor Roy Cooper who would have the final say. In recent interviews, Roy Cooper said he would support the bill if it were to make it to him.

Sports betting brings a whole different level of anticipation and fun to fans as they become emotionally invested. Bets can be made on certain aspects of sporting events or the outcome as a whole but it all depends on what the bettors wage and put down.

In recent years, sports betting has become legal in states around the country and many North Carolinians hope North Carolina is next.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, hope HB347 for sports betting is passed so sports enthusiasts are able to add another level of excitement to the game.

Sports bets can be made on small minor league games to international sporting events and as the season progresses, the odds can change.

Points of focus against the bill are the possible use of credit cards to gamble online as well as the fact that wages could be made on young college athletes bringing another level of pressure onto student-athletes.

Other naysayers of the bill say that legalization of the bill would just encourage gambling which could in turn become an addiction for many.

Bill HB347 was passed on March 29, 2023. As to when the second stage of the legalization process would begin is currently unknown.

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