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The East Carolina University Board of Trustees Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Ethics Committee met on Sept. 9 to discuss the annual internal audit report, the changes made to the 2022 report and updates on enterprise risk management.

Director of Internal Audit Wayne Poole presented a chart that reviewed the operational metrics of the 2020 fiscal year and the target goal of the 2021 year. He said the audit plan for 2021 was good across all of the compliances and audit metrics that the Office of Internal Audit measures.

The research compliance conflict of interest disclosures by required employees was the only goal on the matrix that was not met in 2021, Poole said. As for the 2022 fiscal year, Poole said the audit is in a good place and is on track for completion for the year.

“So we are on track on audit plan completion, we're in a good place. Auditor productivity overall, we're in a good place through the two months (July and August),” Poole said. 

Poole said changes were made to the 2022 operational metrics which includes the target for healthcare compliance. The target number of the healthcare education sessions was raised from 996 to 1008 and the provider documentation reviews were raised from 528 to 540, according to the matrix chart. 

Another change within the operation metrics was the athletic compliance. This year, Alex Keddie of the Athletic Compliance Office provided a target number of 24 for the audit to track the number of education and console sessions related to the name, image and likeness (NIL) legislation for NCAA, Poole said. 

“She (Keddie) wants to report to this (Audit) committee how many of those (NIL) sessions are occurring, because that's an indicator of how many student athletes have expressed an interest in pursuing those avenues.”

Stephanie Coleman, vice chancellor for administration and finance, provided updates to the committee on enterprise risk management. She said during the spring semester, the committee met to discuss lessons that were learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and ways they could improve.

One of the items discussed during the spring meeting, Coleman said, was student mental health and well being. She said the director of counseling informed the committee on updates to ensure students were getting their services met as a result of the pandemic. Coleman said the mental health of students increased due to the pandemic. 

Coleman said another item that was mentioned in the spring meeting was the risk of remote working. Taxes were one of the concerns from working remotely, she said, because ECU had to ensure they were paying the appropriate taxes in the state their employees were performing the work. Another issue with remote working was cyber security, Coleman said. 

“They're (ECU employees) on their home network. You know, in some cases, some people might be using their home computer,” Coleman said. “And so we've had to put processes in place to minimize home computer use so that we don't have to worry about ransomware, you know, their kids coming in late or doing stuff that will impact us.”

A subcommittee was put together when an employee requested to work remotely, Coleman said. She said the employee had to go through a process of flex work arrangements in which they had to provide the address of where they will do their remote work. 

Coleman said there’s a team that includes payroll, human resources and the attorney's office to evaluate the risk of employees working at their remote location. She said she and the team will continue to explore the risks and lessons that could be learned. 

“Now that we've had a semester come up again, let's just see what lessons could be learned or things we could do better,” Coleman said.

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