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Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants. 

Are we not going to talk about the black mold in the dorms? Come on ECU this is NOT normal!


If you don't reserve the study room, then don't set up camp in there. I hate having to knock on the door to tell people "I reserved this space."


Why do these students think it's a status symbol to drive like a maniac through the parking garage? If you can't afford to pay the full tuition, you can't afford to drive you like can hit every car in there.


People who ride their bicycles on sidewalks on campus are pure evil.


The trash left in the Minges parking lot after the football games is absurd. Does anyone know what a trash can is?


How does having COVID-19 not count as a university excused absence unless hospitalized? Do better ECU.


People are walking across 10th street thinking they get their tuition paid if they get hit but they're nowhere near a crosswalk.


Bystanders should have saved PeeDee RIP.


Professors should not be allowed to assign work over fall break. There's no point.


Oh, how I have missed you Pirate Rants! Please let's all be witty and not mean.

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