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Guests at the 2021 homecoming skit night competition wave their flashlights in the air during a performance from accapella group "Drastic Measures" at Town Common.

East Carolina University held its annual homecoming skit night competition on Sept. 28 at Town Common from 8 to 9:30 p.m. with performances from multiple student organizations incorporating this year's theme, “Back to ECU.”

The winners of the night's events were announced by Tiffany Robertson, ECU’s current Captain of the Ship, at the end of all the performances. Announced in no particular order and voted on by the panel of judges, the winners include Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta Sigma Pi, Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Pi and Delta Zeta and Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Lydia Pinto, Miss East Carolina, and Robertson kicked off the 2021 homecoming skit night competition with a warm welcome to the audience. 

“We are so excited to see all of our competing organizations get their groove on,” Robertson said. “We would officially like to welcome you to 2021 skit night, who’s ready to be wowed?” 

The packed crowd screamed with excitement as Drastic Measures, an a cappella group based at ECU, kicked off the night's performances. Drastic Measures' rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s“Good for You” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” astounded the audience members. Multiple audience members waved their flashlights in the air for the performers and by the end of the songs, the crowd buzzed with excitement. 

One of the homecoming committee skit leads, Sydney Price, said prior to the event the only requirements for organizations participating in skit night were to incorporate the theme and state three facts about ECU within their skit. 

Price said the event is meant to be an opportunity for organizations to have fun and laugh. She said many groups practice every day for two weeks prior to skit night to prepare. 

“I think this event is important because it's one that people look forward to,” Price said. “I remember freshman year, that’s the only one that I’ve seen, and I still remember how funny it was and how bad I wish I could see another one so I’m personally really excited for it.”

Caela Collichio, who is also one of the homecoming committee skit leads, said the event was moved to Town Common as opposed to the usual venue in Minges Coliseum, to allow more people to attend the event safely in light of COVID-19. 

This event brings together some groups who would not normally have worked together, Collichio said. She said some organizations, particularly sororities and fraternities, pair up and enter the spirit cup as a group. 

“They spend weeks on weeks preparing for this night and it’s just a good way to collaborate and try to win the spirit cup,” Collichio said. 

Claire Cahall, a freshman marketing major, said she wanted to participate in the homecoming activities and support her friends that were performing with a few of the sororities. 

This is the first skit night performance Cahall has been to and she said she was excited to get to watch the performances and hopes to attend more homecoming events over the weekend. 

“I think it was really nice that the event was at Town Common because the weather was beautiful and having the stage outside was really cool,” Cahall said.

Cahill said she enjoyed being able to come out to support her school, especially after not being able to for so long. As it is her first year at ECU, she said it was exciting to get to participate in homecoming events. 

As she watched the performances, Cahall said she was excited to hear throwback songs because they put everyone in a good mood. 

“My favorite performance was by Delta Zeta, it was cool to see the amount of effort they put into their performance, you could tell they practiced really hard,” Cahall said. 

Ashley Gentry, a freshman nursing major and member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority on campus, participated in the homecoming skit night with her sorority. She said she was super excited about the turnout of the night’s audience and thought it had a lot to do with the event being held at Town Common. 

Gentry said she enjoyed being able to perform with her sorority and skit night was fun. The group prepared for the event for two hours almost everyday for two weeks, she said. She said even though it was intense, it was worth it in the end. 

“Everyday I was able to learn more peoples names and learn more about them,” Gentry said. “It was fun to practice with the Kappa Alpha boys as well, it wasn’t awkward with them at all and we were able to get really close with them.”

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