Drastic Measures

The January 2020 RJR ACappella Jam for Hope Invitational in Winston Salem, where Drastic Measures performed prior to COVID-19. 

Drastic Measures, an East Carolina University co-ed acapella group, is set to perform at ACapellove 2021, a benefit concert fundraiser for Family Service of the Piedmont on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m., and can be viewed on YouTube livestream.

Family Service of the Piedmont is a nonprofit organization that serves Guilford County families with issues of domestic violence, financial stability and mental health.

The concert is hosted by the Highpoint University Offbeats and the Highpoint Student Government Association. The livestream link will be provided on the Highpoint University Offbeats social media accounts.

Allie Poovey, the public relations manager of Offbeats, said she wanted to reach out to talented groups when she began to plan Acapellove. She said Offbeats and Drastic Measures participated at Acapella Jam at R.J. Reynolds High School, in Winston-Salem January 2020.

“I remember hearing them perform and I was like ‘wow, they are a great group,’ and when I was creating an invite list for the event I definitely wanted to make sure that I invited them,” Poovey said.

Drastic Measures was happy to participate in the event, according to Poovey. She said Offbeats, The Chariots from UNC Greensboro and 10 other groups will perform at the event.

Poovey said this is the first year the event will be totally virtual, so the event can follow COVID-19 regulations. She said donations can be made on the “A Cappellove Fundraiser for Family Service of the Piedmont'' Facebook page.

“When I was choosing, I wanted a program I felt like would contribute to our surrounding communities of High Point and it’s one thing that is super important to everyone here at High Point is giving back to the community,” Poovey said.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Poovey said she wanted to focus on mental health. She explained how stress from the pandemic in addition to everyday stress has raised awareness for mental health.

Poovey said there are T-shirts for sale for the event and all of the proceeds from the donations will go to Family Services of the Piedmont.

“Mental health awareness is definitely something I felt like was important and Family Services does a great job, they have a great leadership program and making sure that money that's coming from this event is going to where it’s needed most prevently in our community,” Poovey said.

Rachael Morris, East Carolina junior music education major and president of Drastic Measures, said the chance to get to meet new people has been Morris’ favorite part of being president of Drastic Measures.

Morris said the group is excited to perform for ACapellove and they practice twice a week for the show. She said the group will perform “Ultra Light Beam” by Kanye West for the benefit concert.

“We felt like it was one of the best choices that we could possibly make by singing this song,” Morris said.

The song discusses the difficulties of 2020 but remains uplifting, according to Morris. She said the group chose the song from the set list of songs they created after they asked their fans what they wanted to hear them to sing.

The group has found a way to practice together on-campus safely, according to Morris. She said the group practices together on-campus in Mendenhall twice a week and makes sure to socially distance and wear masks.

“(We are) trying to reach out to the community, make sure that we are giving back, is really important, especially right now it’s kind of hard to do that,” Morris said.

Blessing Aghimien, an ECU graduate health communication student, who is also a former member of Pirate Media 1 and multimedia manager for The East Carolinian, said she has been part of Drastic Measures for two years. She said rehearsals are the highlight of her week and considers the group to be her family.

This is a tough time for people due to COVID-19, Aghimien said. She said she is happy they will perform “Ultra Light Beam” because it uplifts and encourages.

“I want people to take away (from our performance) during these hard times, try your best to find community and to keep the faith,” Aghimien said.

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