Chloe Easton

The East Carolinian will continue to serve the East Carolina University community and student body with relative and factual information.

Welcome back Pirates! 

I would like to introduce myself as the Editor-In-Chief of The East Carolinian (TEC),the student-run newspaper for East Carolina University. 

For those who made the return to campus and those who recently joined Pirate Nation, I know we are all eager to take some of our first steps on campus again in over a year. With our return to campus, TEC is here to provide you with the most up to date information for our community to remain safe and stay informed.

Going into my final semester here at ECU, and as I look back at my time spent here at ECU, I reflect on the opportunities and experiences it has provided me that made me into the person I am today. When I first stepped on campus, I will admit I felt out of place. The transition is not always easy, but the best advice I can give to you as you return is to find a group or organization to be involved with. Pirate Media 1 has provided me with not only a plethora of experiences within student journalism, but a family here at ECU.

As you attend your classes and events around campus please remember the health and safety of others. The guidelines put in place by ECU are meant to keep both students, faculty and their friends and family safe. Wear a face mask, social distance and wash your hands often. 

The time you spend while in college will not always be the easiest. Your major will probably change a few times, you may drop a difficult class, you may change your perspective on life or even change those in your close circle. Don’t get me wrong, you will also grow to find your passion, take some of your favorite courses, find your path and meet some of your best friends. Keep in mind when things do get tough, there is always good to come. So, don’t stress over the changes you may face during your time here at ECU. 

TEC and myself are committed to serve Pirate Nation as the most reliable and informative news source, especially during this time, to help keep our community safe and informed. From coverage on city to campus events, TEC will continue to provide new students and those returning with the information they need. Myself, as well as my staff, are excited to be back on campus, in the newsroom and out on the field providing news to fellow Pirates. 

Stay safe and have a great year!

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