ECU Joyner Library

East Carolina University's Joyner Library, located on main campus.

Local Greenville YouTube creator Jimmy Donaldson, who is also known as MrBeast, has  donated over $27,000 in laptops, iPads and headsets to East Carolina University’s Supporting Transition and Education Through Planning and Partnerships (STEPP) Program office, located in Joyner Library. 

A press release by ECU News Services said MrBeast posts viral videos of philanthropy stunts, such as adopting every animal in a shelter, giving 10,000 gifts to kids for Christmas and providing a donation of hundreds of holiday meals for families in Pitt County last Thanksgiving. The press release said he recently created a charity with an accompanying YouTube channel called Beast Philanthropy. 

“While the charity’s primary mission is to combat food insecurity, it was approached by an anonymous donor wishing to partner on a technology gift,” ECU News Services said in the press release. 

In addition to the donation to the STEPP program, Beast Philanthropy donated equipment to numerous public schools and Boys & Girls Clubs, according to the press release. ECU News Services said the total donations of the charity valued at $300,000. 

A statement from Beast Philanthropy in the press release said the donation to the STEPP program will allow students to have tools needed to be successful in any classroom. 

“An anonymous donor who is passionate about technology wished to partner with Beast Philanthropy to help students gain access to the technology they need to thrive in a digital world,” Beast Philanthropy said in the press release. 

A video released about the donations has more than 7 million views, ECU News Services said, where MrBeast travels to each location and unloads pallets of computers and other technology. 

In the press release, Executive Director of the STEPP program Sarah Williams said the gift provides “cutting-edge technology” for university students to use to support learning and success in the college classroom. 

“We are so thankful to Beast Philanthropy for this incredible support,” Williams said in the press release.

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