President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump arriving at the Pitt-Greenville Airport on Oct. 15.

The 25th East Carolina University Cupola Conversations was held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Nov. 12 to discuss the outcomes of the 2020 election.

The Cupola Conversation was titled “Decision 2020: What’s Next?” and featured two professors from the political science department at ECU who began the discussion on the 2020 election results. This event marked the last of Cupola Conversations for the 2020 fall semester.  

ECU political science professor Jody Baumgartner discussed polling recounts and the forecasted results of the election and said it's important to remember that all results are currently forecasted.

“There are forecasts that have almost statistical certainty,” Baumgartner said. “In other words the votes that aren’t counted yet are extraordinarily unlikely to be able to change any of the outcomes.” 

ECU political science professor Jonathan Morris said the election is not about what people want to happen, it’s about the math of votes casted and counted. 

Morris said there’s doubt in some of the close states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. He said there has been close election results in the past two elections but doubt doesn’t determine who wins or who loses. Americans want to be happy with election outcomes, but not all always are, according to Morris. 

“Americans like the idea of freedom, we (Americans) like the idea of one person, one vote and participating and rule,” Morris said. 

During the second half of the event, there was an open guided discussion where two advisors addressed potential concerns and challenges students may face. 

Assistant Director of College of Business Advising Center Aisha Powell said students are going to continue to grow academically, personally and socially and it's important to be connected with student organization and events. 

“We also want to acknowledge that a lot of growth is happening right now academically, socially and personally and we want to make sure that you guys feel supported and you guys know you are supported when you return to ECU in the spring term,” Powell said. 

College of Nursing Academic Counseling Director Gwen Tyson said although everyone continues to experience the pandemic and political tension, everyone experiences things differently.

Tyson said it's important to have an open mind and show grace toward others. She said some people may have different views, but people should only focus on what they can change. 

“We can’t always control what is going on and what's happening to us but what we can control is how we respond,” Tyson said. 

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