Wi-Fi on ECU's campus

An East Carolina University student attempts to join the university’s Wi-Fi after receiving a message on their laptop indicating no connection to the internet.

Since the start of the fall semester on Aug. 23, numerous East Carolina University students and faculty continue to experience issues with the Wi-Fi on the university’s main campus, which has had a large impact on the start of the term. 

As of date of publication, a representative of ECU Information and Technology Computing Services has not provided a statement regarding the issue of Wi-Fi on campus. 

French professor Larkin Murphy said many students have shared their Wi-Fi troubles with him as a faculty member. He said the issue has caused dysfunction across the campus since the start of the school semester.

“I’ve had students tell me they can’t even connect from their dorms,” Murphy said. “These students have been forced to go to the library just to finish assignments we (professors) have given them.”

Murphy said he is unsure of who within the university to reach out to in order to fix the issue. He said many professors have faced this same problem and nobody knows who to talk to or how to fix the Wi-Fi in their classrooms.

Students need Wi-Fi and internet connection when on campus, Murphy said, as a large amount of students rely on the internet while on campus to complete their work.  

“At the end of the day, the school’s infrastructure runs on the internet,” Murphy said. “Everything the students need is online and I don’t know who can fix this problem, but it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.”

Senior computer science major Nick Johnson said the problems with the university’s Wi-Fi have caused numerous issues within his classes since the start of the semester. He said students have experienced trouble with their laptops in class and some university professors have been unable to connect to the campus Wi-Fi.

Johnson said he hopes ECU can work to find a solution to this problem because a lot of students need internet connection to complete their assignments while they’re on campus. He said the problems with Wi-Fi have been occurring for about two weeks.

“I’ve had classes where the professor can’t even pull up assignments or notes on his computer because the internet wasn’t working,” Johnson said. “There have been other classes where no one could connect to the Wi-Fi.”

Johnson said this issue is very serious because so many assignments and classes rely on the accessibility to a stable Wi-Fi connection. He said the internet needs to always be working for college students who rely on technology. 

The problem with the campus Wi-Fi affects everyone, Johnson said. He said in order for the university to be able to function, the school needs to have reliable internet access because he and other students do spend time on campus completing assignments.

“This doesn’t just affect me,” Johnson said. “This problem has caused a lot of inconsistency in class and it has even put some professors behind schedule and left students unable to participate in their classes.”

Junior psychology major Caitlin Gaudet said she has been struggling with the internet connection for the last couple of weeks. She said she wants this to be fixed as soon as possible because almost every time she walks into class, she has no internet connection. 

Gaudet said she is tired of not being able to pull up her professors’ canvas pages to find questions. She said in many of her classes, professors are behind because they cannot pull up the activities for the day. 

“I need to be able to do my work on campus,” Gaudet said. “I can’t come into class and scramble to get internet connection because professors can’t hold up class because a student is having internet troubles.”

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