pirate rants

Editor's Note: The East Carolinian does not endorse the statements made in Pirate Rants.

Stop harassing students to fundraise and support Pirate Nation Gives. I pay the university enough money as it is, their budgets are not my problem.

love the chancellor and all but those banners from the installation ceremony were not ideal in the background of my grad photos lol

Shoutout to the students campaigning for not using confetti y'all rock

How many times do I have to rant about y'all not using the walk up stations in the parking garage. Just do it. Please.

Also how many times do I have to cry about Greenville not having a Trader Joes :((((

Do any students watch Faculty Senate? They don't want to respond to students, not within 48 hours, not ever if they could help it. Ridiculous! Why are you even wanting to teach?

Greenville needs more Uptown restaurants that stay open past 9 pm... some of us work until 8 pm and don't want McDonalds every night.

The Blackened Kraken sucks. That's all.

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