“Operation Christmas Drop,” which was released on Netflix on Nov. 5 and is rated G, is the joyful, heartfelt Christmas movie whose story has been shown throughout the years, but its range does not stretch much further in a creative sense.

Directed by Martin Wood, “Operation Christmas Drop” is a romantic comedy about Erica (played by Kat Graham) who is a legislative aide sent to an air force base in Guam to evaluate its efficiency. When she gets there she meets Andrew (played by Alexander Ludwig), an Air Force captain who leads the operation under evaluation.

Erica is on the island to investigate Operation Christmas Drop, a humanitarian mission to send resources to neighboring islands. Because of the military resources used to deliver the aid, the base is in danger of being shut down. While on the island, Erica finds out how much the island natives need the supplies and gets a healthy dose of the Christmas spirit while she tries her best to help.

The story is a rinse and repeat style Christmas movie. It’s generic and overused, but what can definitely be said is the dialogue of the characters is entertaining. While its character tropes are played out, the writing saves them and makes the viewer invested in the film and its characters.

The amount of dialogue while entertaining becomes a problem when there's too much of it. While a lot of the interactions between characters is good, the sheer amount of it without an even amount of story progression to go along with it is a bit much and sometimes it gets to the point where the movie seems boring.

Kat Graham plays her role of Erica well, while her character is never a full Grinch, she is insensitive to the needs of the neighboring islands. Her turn to more generosity and wanting to help the citizens of the islands was actually entertaining to watch.

Alexander Ludwig (Andrew) achieves his role of the overly positive captain on the base pushing for the base to not get shut down because of the dire situation which involves neighboring islands. All the other actors in the film did well and carried their roles, but there are no standout moments where the chemistry of the cast is noticeable.

The characters in the story lack any real background to their character. Not much is known about the characters and at first they dont like each other much, so the acting seems unnatural and rushed when the change of heart and sudden infatuation between Erica and Andrew happens.

The scenery of the film is beautiful to say the least. While the story is generic, it is refreshing and different to have a Christmas movie set on a tropical island. From the gorgeous beaches to the villages, and even the military base, the setting gave the story a much needed enhancement.

There were a couple of strange moments in the movie. For instance, there is a CGI lizard in the movie for no particular reason and while it stood out, it didn’t really add anything nor was the CGI used in any other part of the movie.

Cinematography in the movie was well done but nothing special. The camera shots and sound direction are done decently and director Martin Wood does nothing that isn't his usual style. He has made romantic comedies, a couple of Christmas movies and some beach-themed movies, according to Amazon Prime.

Everything in the movie is all around average and basic. While the character dialogue and scenery are well done, the bland story and uninteresting personalities make the movie simply just something to watch.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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