Makerspace of Greenville

Carpenter Chris Strathy will teach a class which will guide participants to make a “Viking Chair Loveseat” from reclaimed wood at 6 p.m. on Feb. 25 at the Makerspace of Greenville, located at 102 Staton Court, Suite E.

Makerspace of Greenville, located at 102 Staton Court, Suite E, will host the “Viking Chair Loveseat” class at 6 p.m. on Feb. 25 taught by carpenter Chris Strathy where pupils will learn to create a loveseat from reclaimed pallets and two-by-fours.

Chris Strathy said he has practiced carpentry his entire adult life. Strathy said last year he built a structure out of reclaimed materials which he had originally planned to donate to the city as a little library. After converting it to a food pantry, he built and donated three more to assist during the pandemic.

Strathy said he taught the previous “Viking Chair” date night classes at Makerspace, a business where customers can purchase a membership in exchange for free use of tools and workspace. Strathy said he came up with the idea for the “Loveseat” class about a month ago, and he thought it would make a good introductory course in building. Strathy said he has also taught workshops on sustainable tiny house builds in locations across the United States.

“I think (we’ll have) eight or nine couples, and each couple will build a chair, and you know we’ll go through everything from learning about pallets, learning how to dismantle them, plating that lumber down and then taking some old two-by-fours and making a cool little lounge chair,” Strathy said.

Darby George co-owns the Makerspace with his wife Tara George, and said Strathy is a great person and teacher, and has an “impressive” beard and handlebar mustache. Darby George said the reclaimed pallets and two-by-four planks used in the construction will be provided at the cost of the class.

Darby George said the Makerspace continues to add classes, and next month will feature a class also taught by Strathy, to make a porch swing. Darby George said even though the class is called “Date Night” people of all relationship statuses are encouraged to come.

“So the date night class is Thursday the (Feb.) 25, and we’re trying to have one a month, maybe one maybe two, just so we can have people get out, do stuff, build things. The idea is it doesn’t have to be a date,” Darby George said.

Matt Olson, owner of Snap Fitness at 2120 E Fire Tower Rd., #111, Greenville, said he participated in the “Loveseat” class on Oct. 21, 2020. Olson said the class lasted a little over two hours. Olson said the Makerspace is committed to recycling and sustainability, and even scrap pieces from the class were left for future projects.

Olson said every woodworking tool you “can ever imagine” is at Makerspace. His wife, a veterinarian, is using the Makerspace to create an enclosure for their four tortoises. 

“Makerspace is kind of like a hidden gem. I don't think as many people know about it as they should. I think the concept is just, it's needed and it's new and I think if the word gets out that something like this exists for the general public, that it could really take off,” OIson said.

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