Pirate Rants

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As a Pirate alumni, it's great to see the Pirate Rants back. Let's bring them back to the glory days level!! ARGH!

I’m glad nobody is going downtown anymore. Less freshmen

The parking garage overcharges for the amount of time you're parked in there, on top of that people don't know how to insert their cards to pay. I will be stuck in the parking deck for 15-30 minutes just trying to leave. The elevators aren't ADA accessible only one will work at a time. This is inconvenient for people in wheelchairs. They shouldn't have to go back and forth to different elevators just to get on campus. Also, why do the employees smoke their cigarettes in the parking garage instead of outside of it? I swear I walk through a thick cloud of smoke just trying to get to my car. Whose job is it to clean the elevators? They look like they haven't been cleaned ever. Cobwebs shouldn't be all over the elevators. At least the deck is convenient but it needs a lot of improvement. Sincerely a super senior.

Au Bon Pain fix your straws! I’m tired of having holes all in it!

My deepest secret is that I do not like Christmas.

​​They should take away the “pay at the gate” function in the parking garage since apparently all of you are too stupid to use it efficiently. Set up more places to prepay in the garage so people do it before they get in their cars. There’s no reason people should be sitting in this garage for 30+ minutes waiting to get out. SIGNED, Angry and late for an off-campus meeting.

I believe everyone should be treated kindly. But one thing I have learned at ECU is that diversity and tolerance are valued much more that hard work and honesty

Please, for the love of all things good, STOP SPEEDING THROUGH THE PARKING DECK

If you are the ones that play on the piano in the student center, please don’t stop. It’s beautiful and one of my favorite parts about coming here.

The wild mushroom bisque at Au Bon Pain is a crime. It was like eating rubber bands in gravy.

Can we just be done with wearing masks? The paper ones do no good, no one wears them right, and it's time to get back to normal... cmon people, stop the madness!

ECU needs every dorm to use LaundryView. I’m tired of having to go down to the bottom floor and look to see if there’s washers open.

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