Pirate Rants

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When is Greenville going to get a hot pot restaurant, Crumbl, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods? The list is long of things this town needs. Super glad there is a McDonalds or Food Lion on every corner *sarcasm*

Arby’s line is always dry until the ONE time I decide to eat there. Then, everyone in Greenville wants Arby’s all of the sudden and I’m in line for 20 minutes because not even Arby’s was prepared to feed all of these people.

Time to go to class, ask for help, and STUDY for those Finals! You got this Pirates!

I haven't seen almond milk in the dining halls since the first week of school. ECU do better

How do y'all not know who K Camp is

Trader Joes is outside Greenville's median income. As wonderful it would be to have one, we don't need it

Genuinely mad at all of my senior friends for graduating and leaving me

Back again to say we need a Trader Joes in Greenville ASAP

Why does everyone in Greenville drive like they've never driven before

Shout out to the construction workers at Mendenhall

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