William Seymour

Greenville artist William Seymour performing at a previous show.

Local artist William Seymour plans to release his second solo album titled “Make Love Instead” on Aug. 3, available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

The album is “a blend of folk music, rock music and blues,” according to Seymour. He said he released his first solo album titled ‘“Quicksand” in April of 2019.

“I think it’s (the album) really good. I enjoy it, and I think that other people will too,” Seymour said.

The title track “Make Love Instead” was selected as the album name because it stood out to him as the overall theme of the album, Seymour said.

“Make Love Instead” includes eight songs, Seymour said. He said his favorite song on the album is “Oh My God,” which he thinks is the most upbeat song on the album.

“I play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, the bass and I do the vocals (for the album), but I brought in about 12 other musicians to play the other instruments, like the drums, piano and pedestal guitar. There's also some trombones and a saxophone,” Seymour said.

Seymour said he had a few months-long tour planned with his band, “The Broadcast,” for the summer, but it was cancelled due the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the band was supposed to perform in Colorado, New York and New Jersey.

“Before COVID-19, I hosted an open mic night at Christy’s (Euro Pub). That was every Tuesday night, and that was with the house band that I had there, a lot of those guys played on this record too. I also played at the (Stilllife) Loft, Winslow’s, the Buccaneer and a few other restaurants in uptown,” Seymour said.

Normally, Seymour said he would have an album release show, but has to postpone that show for a while.

Seymour said he now streams live shows on Facebook Live instead.

“I hope people enjoy it (Make Love Instead). I hope I’m able to play these songs (live) when I’m able to again. I’ll probably make another album in another year and a half,” Seymour said.

Jeff Blinder, an independent promoter and owner of Spazz Presents booking company, said he knows Seymour through booking events around Greenville.

Blinder said Seymour is essential to the music community in Greenville, North Carolina. He said Seymour performs all over and he holds open mic events. He said he asked Seymour to open for artists at his events and he invited Seymour to perform at his annual music festival “Spazz Presents” numerous times.

“(Seymour) gives the regulars a night to stretch their music legs, but more importantly, it gets new performers to showcase their stuff,” Blinder said in an email statement.

Blinder said he “expects nothing but solid music” from Seymour. He said Seymour is a “consummate professional all around,” and he works hard to get his sound right.

“Without William (Seymour) here in Greenville, this city wouldn’t be as cool and as expressive as it is. I’d state that he is a pillar of the music community and he puts in a lot of work to not only get his music to a higher level of professionalism (than I’ve seen anyone put forth) but also elevates those around him,” Blinder said.

Quincy Jones, a full-time local musician, said in an email statement that he has played music with Seymour for a few years now.

Jones said it has been great working with him mostly at Christy’s Euro Pub on Tuesdays. He said he has played on Seymour’s last two albums.

“I expect his upcoming solo album will do pretty well especially given the success of his last one. The new album contains some new originals of his that are a bit different from his first album but still very refreshing,” Jones said.

More information about Seymour’s music can be found on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. His music can also be found on his YouTube channel, Distrokid.com and Reverb Nation.com. The album will be available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

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