The Holistic Co.

The Holistic Co. will expand its company to a location in Uptown Greenville, North Carolina, at 501 Evans St., later this fall.

The Holistic Co., a cannabis boutique native to Fremont, North Carolina, will expand its company to a location in Uptown Greenville at 501 Evans St., later this fall with no specific date determined at this time.

Tatum Hardison, co-founder of The Holistic Co., said she and her husband Allen Hardison decided to open a cannabis boutique almost two years ago in Fremont, where the pair reside. Tatum Hardison said in the span of almost two years the pair will have opened four locations with Greenville, North Carolina, as their latest addition. 

“We started our little company in Fremont and I actually worked full time elsewhere and we just kind of had this little idea and it’s just grown wonderfully and so we had people come to us and ask us for the opportunity,” Tatum Hardison said. “We never thought that we could even fathom the idea of being in a place like this.”

The Holistic Co. will offer a variety of hemp-derived products, which include but are not limited to CBD tinctures, Delta-8 edibles, raw hemp flower and skin products, Tatum Hardison said. The Holistic Co. hopes to educate the community on cannabis offerings and create a relationship to help overcome the stigma behind cannabis, as it may be associated with the THC cannabinoid that has a psychoactive effect. 

Tatum Hardison said as a licensed therapist who practices holistic approaches to medicine, she aims to provide customers with alternative options to benefit their health. She said The Holistic Co. has many clients who use the company’s products in lieu of medications.

“We pride ourselves on education, really spending time with people and helping them understand not just the one stigma (around cannabis) of it or the one aspect (of cannabis) of it because there’s so many variables to cannabis,” Tatum Hardison said. “It’s so helpful.”

The Holistic Co. has received skepticism from members of the Greenville community, which Tatum Hardison said began when the store put up a banner announcing its arrival. She said they have received calls from people concerned about the impression a cannabis boutique would give Greenville and East Carolina University. 

Every product the store will offer has been tested and has received a certificate of analysis to show it is organic and doesn’t have harmful agents, Tatum Hardison said. She said the pair worked with a chemist to create a “one-to-one” tincture of Delta-8 THC and CBD together to treat cluster migraines. 

“A lot of people think that maybe THC is not extracted from all of it, we do have products where it is 100% extracted and there is no possibility of a positive UA (Urinalysis) for any reason,” Tatum Hardison said. “Our first question is always ‘Can you have THC?’ to see what direction we can go in because we never want to put anybody in jeopardy.” 

Allen Hardison said the business is excited to expand to Greenville to see how the college population will respond. As of date of publication, Allen Hardison said the store’s hours are dependent on the community’s interest. 

The pair has thought about the idea of an in-house coffee bar where customers can purchase items such as Delta-8 or hemp-infused coffee, Allen Hardison said. He said the storefront will be a comfortable, family-oriented space where customers can bring their pets. 

“It depends how much support we get from the students,” Allen Hardison said. “If we start and we do early hours like 8 or 9 o’clock and we have D8 (Delta-8) coffee. So they can get a wake and bake while they’re studying before class, that’s definitely something we’re considering doing.” 

Allen Hardison said The Holistic Co. hopes to provide its customers with an enjoyable experience where it can help navigate consumers to products that work for them. He said The Holistic Co. focuses on helping the community and wants to bring a fun environment to Greenville. 

In regards to skepticism about The Holistic Co.’s impression on ECU, ECU Police Department Captain Chris Sutton said the university’s police department would not get involved in any matters pertaining to The Holistic Co., unless in response to the use or possession of an illegal substance. 

Sutton said ECU PD is always open to opportunities to educate its students and employees on topics such as THC/CBD products. He said as these products become more common, there may be chances to answer questions of concern. 

“As a police department our role is to address matters that are a violation of the law,” Sutton said. “Unless we are called in response to the use or possession of an illegal substance, there would not be a need for us to become involved.”

Greenville resident Corey Deal said he believes The Holistic Co. will struggle at its Uptown location. He said he wasn’t sure if a business would ever occupy 501 Evans St. as he watched little to no construction on it for a while.

Deal said the market for cannabis products such as CBD is not high anymore. He said The Holistic Co. may fall into the same pattern as other businesses in town who have tried to open the same concept and not done well. 

“The whole CBD, hemp wave, all of that has come and gone and it was never really that hot to begin with,” Deal said. “You got to think about the stores just like that in Winterville (North Carolina), it opened up, it was this whole thing and now it’s like who really cares?”

Deal said the student population may help attract customers for The Holistic Co., but it depends on what it will offer. 

There are many businesses which come and go throughout Uptown Greenville, Deal said. He said there are properties that have held the same businesses for a long time, such as The Scullery and Garry’s Skin Grafix Tattoo, and others with a high turnover rate. 

“Think about how many places have come and gone where Isahana’s (Isahana Japanese Fusion) at,” Deal said. “They last five months or a year then they’re under construction for the next thing and the next thing.”

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