Poster Sale

Students browse the posters and other items available at The College Poster Sale Company popup shop, hosted by the East Carolina University Art Education Guild, on campus during the first week of classes.

As campus life returned to East Carolina University this week, the ECU Art Education Guild hosted the annual poster sale from The College Poster Sale Company on the Main Campus Student Center (MCSC) lawn from Aug. 23 until Aug. 27 for the first week of class.  

The College Poster Sale Company, based in New York, travels to 25 different college campuses to hold pop-up poster sales, Sales Representative Ryan Chebli said, who has run the sale for the past week at ECU. He said there is a wide variety of merchandise sold at the sale.

“We have a lot of different categories of posters, we have, you know, animals, TV-shows, movies, video games, comics, cities and landscapes and scenic stuff and animes, all sorts of stuff,” Chebli said. “We sell playing cards, we have some of those and we sell stuff to put the posters up on the wall.”

Chebli said in the six years he has worked for The College Poster Sale, he has worked at over 100 college campuses. He said as he is in charge of and responsible for running the sale, he travels with an assistant. 

When extra help is needed, Chebli said a student officer from the ECU Art Education Guild will assist with the sale and be paid in posters. 

“To me, this school (ECU) really surprised me, like the sales have been amazing,” Chebli said. “It feels like we’re doing good. I gotta say I love this school, it’s awesome.”

Chebli said the most popular category of posters he sells is music artists such as Frank Ocean (Christopher Breaux), Lil Uzi Vert (Symere Woods), Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi) and sports posters such as those for Michael Jordan. 

As the company Chebli works for sells posters at wholesale prices, he said posters at the pop-up sales are more affordable than those on their website. He said prices at the pop-up sales range from $6 to $15. 

“I think that’s a great price, I mean, if you look them up on Amazon or even at Walmart they’re more expensive,” Chebli said. “Really nobody can beat our prices.”

Associate Professor of Art Education and Advisor of the ECU Art Education Guild Robert Quinn said the guild has hosted the poster sale for three years, though the sale was held online in the fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19. 

Quinn said the poster sale is a fundraiser for the guild, in which it will receive a portion of proceeds from the event. He said the guild’s responsibility in hosting the sale includes assisting the representatives from the poster sale company to ensure they are able to conduct a successful pop-up.

“We are responsible for advertising (the poster sale) on campus and making sure that the representatives from the company that are here for the week are able to park on campus, they’re able to know where they’re supposed to conduct their business for the poster sale,” Quinn said. “They need our help because they’re not familiar with our town.”

Quinn said students have responded well to the poster sale as their products are relevant and interesting to the general public.

Senior sports studies major and communication minor Jamon Glover Jr. said he’s attended the poster sale since he was a freshman and has accumulated around five posters ranging from boxer Muhammad Ali to rapper J. Cole. He says the posters he buys are notable artists that he considers his icons.

Glover said this year's sale seemed more crowded than past years as students were anxious to return to campus after instruction was held online due to COVID-19. He said the location of the poster sale outside of the MCSC is good for foot traffic.

“I just seen a lot more people and it (the poster sale) looked way more crowded,” Glover said. “Everybody just moved into their apartments and their dorms and they need some new wall art. They (the poster sale) bring a lot of different stuff also.”

Glover said when he attended the sale, he saw posters for album covers, musicians, athletes and periodic tables. He said as he’s enjoyed the sale throughout the years, he would consider returning to campus after he graduates just to buy more posters.

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