COVID-19 testing/vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines and testing is conveniently available for ECU student access throughout the ECU and Greenville community.

I am a concerned student about COVID-19, as are most of our student body. We all wear our masks, in and outside of the buildings. It certainly makes things slightly more difficult in terms of verbal communication, but masks are well worth that. They keep the chance of our exposure to COVID-19 at a minimum. We all know this, but it is imperative we remember it. 

The masks are completely worth wearing, despite inconveniences from wearing them. I say all of this, mainly because I have had a friend from my residence hall (White Hall) who recently became infected with COVID-19. She wore her mask regularly, but she wasn't vaccinated yet. While masking is very important and can keep those around you safe, all of us who are able are responsible for getting vaccinated.

The reason my friend’s roommate, my own roommate, and I were able to stay COVID-19 free is because we all made sure to get vaccinated. Reportedly, ECU has sustainably low vaccination rates among students, and we must work to change that. I don’t see any real reason, besides it being against medical advice, to not get the vaccine. 

Your risk of COVID-19 and feeling the symptoms after receiving the vaccine is greatly reduced. It’s everyone’s duty to society to get the vaccine, especially since it is provided as free, whether you have health insurance or not. It’s a pandemic. Wear your mask, get vaccinated, if not for your own health, but for the health of those around you.

Silvia Tyson

Honors College Student

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