Tar River

The eventual development of the adventure park will connect to River Park North, which follows the Tar River (pictured).

Greenville City Council met on Oct. 8 to discuss requests to bring master plan communities to Greenville, approve renovations to its recreation center and the approval of a name for the city’s new adventure park.

Recreation and Parks Director Gary Fenton requested the council approve the name “Wildwood Park” for the city’s new adventure park. Fenton said the 164-acre adventure park is located along the north bank of the Tar River on the city’s east side and will be made accessible from the Tar River and Old Pactolus Road.

The public will have access to the first portion of the adventure park in spring 2021, Fenton said. He said the proposed name for the park was selected after residents of Greenville were given the option to vote on five names for consideration via survey in July.

“Commission members felt that Wildwood more clearly described the character of this nature area and would more easily lend itself to marketing initiatives for the park and opportunities the park will provide,” Fenton said.

The adventure park will primarily focus on activities related to its lake, natural beauty and proximity to the Tar River, according to Fenton. He said the park will provide opportunities for kayaking, hiking, skateboarding and other outdoor activities.

Fenton requested the approval of two design firms for the construction of the new community pool and renovations to the Eppes Recreation Center. The city council approved Kimley-Horn Design Firm to begin construction of the community pool in Thomas Foreman Park.

“The project will include a zero depth entry recreation pool with a multi-feature play structure, a competition style lap pool, changing rooms and shade structures,” Fenton said.

Construction on the community pool will start spring 2021 and be available to the public in June 2022, according to Fenton. He said Kimely-Horn is best equipped for the project due to their extensive experience with aquatic facilities.

The city council approved HH Architecture to renovate the Eppes Recreation Center as the firm is skilled in historic preservation, according to Fenton. He said the firm has committed to stay within the timeframe and budget for the renovation.

Greenville Planner Bradleigh Sceviour requested the council amend title nine, chapter four of the city code to create standards for agricultural master plan communities. Sceviour said a master plan community is a special type of community which allows flexibility and increases lifestyle options for residents.

Current master plan communities in Greenville are centered around golf courses while this master plan community would look to allow agricultural amenities in place of recreational amenities, according to Sceviour. He said this type of master plan community will allow a commercial agricultural facility to connect commercial uses to agricultural land.

“There’s a lot more of an emphasis placed on walking trails and that is an attempt to integrate farmland into the neighborhood experience,” Sceviour said. “When you’re living there you really are living right next to a farm and getting a new style of development.”

Sceviour said an agricultural master plan community will provide access to healthy food as residents will have the opportunity to grow produce in their own yards and shop locally through the farms. He said it is important to understand the farms will be owned separately from the development’s land.

Further information on the city council’s meeting can be found on its website.

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