Yung Gravy

Minnesota rapper Yung Gravy performs with DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip on Saturday in Thunder Alley before the start of Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs between the Lightning and Panthers at Amalie Arena.

American Rapper Matthew Hauri, also known as Yung Gravy, will visit Greenville, North Carolina, on Oct. 24 for a performance at State Theatre as well as a meet and greet with his fans at Sup Dogs as a stop on his international tour. 

Hauri said as his tour recently began, he has already performed at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. He said he has previously performed in NC cities such as Tarboro, Raleigh, Charlotte, Farmville, Asheville, Durham and more and is excited for his upcoming show as has never been to Greenville before.

“I’ve done a lot of shows in North Carolina but I don't think I’ve ever been to Greenville,” Hauri said. “I also have a friend who goes to ECU, or went to ECU and it sounds pretty lit so I am hype for it.”

Hauri said while he feels nostalgic when performing in college towns because it reminds him of when he attended the University of Wisconsin and he enjoys the energy of them.

Performing in college towns is enjoyable because college students notice and are excited to see him, Hauri said.

“It’s lit because it's just like a little f–----g village of turnt people. It's just, everybody’s lit,” Hauri said. “Once you're in a college town, everyone's just hype and I can't go anywhere without everyone recognizing me and that's fun in those situations, it was fun on the day of especially.”

Hauri said he anticipates exploring Uptown Greenville. He said he looks forward to experiencing Sup Dogs for the first time and intends on trying the restaurant's signature sup crush and cheesy tots. 

Hauri, who describes his musical style as “memphis, trap, white boy party music,” said he coined the name “Yung Gravy” after he decided he needed a rapper name and played around with freestyling.

“I was ‘Mr. Butter’ at one point. I was like, ‘Mr. Butter’ isn’t obviously a rapper name, so I got to go with something that’s more rapper friendly’ and gravy just is smooth so that was that,” Hauri said. “I think I was freestyling something and I said something about ‘Yung Gravy’ so that’s where that came from.”

Hauri said the social media platform TikTok has helped to boost his music. He said although he hasn’t always personally liked TikTok, he has realized that a lot of different people are on the app and it has the potential to bring his music to a wider audience.

“Today we were at this random a-s sandwich shop and one of the cooks was like ‘oh yeah you’ve got to get your tiktoks up bro’ and it was like the last person I would have expected to have anything to do with TikTok, like it is kind of cool to see,” Hauri said. “I used to hate TikTok, and now it definitely spreads my music and there’s definitely some really funny s--t on there.”

Originally, the meet and greet at Sup Dogs was intended to be a lunch with Yung Gravy for a winning ticket buyer. It has been transitioned to a larger meet and greet on the roof so that more people can be included in that event.

Hauri said he’s been a part of last minute “eat and greet’s” before a few of his shows, though not as put together as the upcoming event with Sup Dogs.

“I’ve done just random thrown together ones where we got along with some restaurant. But not many, this is special,” Hauri said. “It should be good, especially now that I know they have sup crushes.

Sup Dogs Owner Bret Oliverio said he was contacted by Yung Gravy's promoter, who was interested in Sup Dogs being involved in Yung Gravy's trip to Greenville. Oliverio said he realized that holding a meet and greet before the concert would be a good opportunity for the bar and restaurant.

Oliverio said the meet and greet, which will take place the afternoon of the concert for around 45 minutes to an hour, will be available to anyone who bought a ticket to the Yung Gravy concert. He said Sup Dogs will do its best to accommodate as many fans as possible.

“What we’re aiming for is just to open the rooftop (and) hopefully (Yung) Gravy eats some cheesy tots, has a sup crush and hangs out with a bunch of fans before the show,” Oliverio said. “The plan is if you have tickets to the show, we’re going to take as many people as we can to come hangout with him on the rooftop.”

Over the years, Oliverio said various “big names” have come through Sup Dogs such as Jonathan Smith or Lil Jon, Paul D. DelVecchio Jr or DJ Pauly D, William Moore or DJ Esco, Scotty McCreery and more. He said whenever big names visit Greenville they bring a lot of energy to Uptown. 

Oliverio said when Sup Dogs announced the news that Yung Gravy would be hanging out at their restaurant, the news “exploded.” He said he was surprised by the age range of Yung Gravy’s fans. 

“What sort of got me was the range of ages of his fans,” Oliverio said. “There's alumni that have contacted us that they’re coming back for the show, we’ve also had 18-year-old employees who are big fans so he kind of has a wide range of fan base.”

Oliverio said while there is no home football game the weekend of the concert, the Yung Gravy meet and greet and concert should be the “event of the weekend.” He said Sup Dogs is excited to be a part of it.

East Carolina University alumnus Nick Horvath said as he has been a big fan ofv Yung Gravy for the past six years, he is excited to attend the upcoming concert. 

“I guess I just like the style of music, like the funniness he adds to the music he makes,” Horvath said. “Just his whole demeanor and how he makes music is just pretty cool to me.”

Over the summer, Horvath said he saw on Spotify that Greenville was a place of interest for Yung Gravy to perform in. He said he requested for Yung Gravy to come to Greenville through the app and was excited to see that he was actually coming. 

Horvath said he hopes to be able to meet Yung Gravy at the meet and greet at Sup Dogs. He said if he got the opportunity to speak with him, he would ask Yung Gravy to let him and his friends come on stage and perform with him at the concert.

“(I’m looking forward to) just a person that I've never seen before and just to see him in Greenville is pretty awesome,” Horvath said. “He’s been in my Spotify top five artists for the last three years in a row.”

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