During the recent months, I began to learn the importance of making big life choices for myself and not for other people. Because I am an indecisive person, I always turned to other people’s opinions to help me make wise choices regarding my future. Even though these opinions should always be considered, sometimes it is unnecessary, and one must learn to make their own decisions despite what people may think.

Some may think rejecting the opinions of others is selfish but in actuality, it is necessary in order to grow as an adult. I have not even reached the peak of my adulthood yet, but I have learned that sometimes people have to reject the ones they love the most for the betterment of their future and even their mental health. Because at the end of the day, it is your future and no one should have to control who you are and where you may be in the next 10 years.

As young adults, we are often faced with big life decisions that we may seek help or guidance in our choices. For most people, that first big life decision was choosing what they want to do after graduating high school, such as attend college, go to the military or straight into the workforce.

I have known a lot of people who have gone back and forth with family, even friends, about their post-high school decisions. For me, I had often found myself bickering with family and friends about my decision to attend East Carolina University and/or pursuing a journalism career. I could write a story as to why I enjoy where I’m at as a person right now, for the most part, even though I know I still have room to grow. However, there will always be that group of people that would try to make me feel bad for my personal life decisions or feel as if I’m not doing enough to be successful in the future.

It took a lot of time to learn how to stand up for myself and try not to be overly upset because some people are not completely satisfied with how I chose to spend my life right now. But what other people think should not matter because I know myself better than anyone else does. No one should have to explain why they made the choices they made in their life, and no one is obligated to follow other people’s suggestions on what they should or should have done with themselves.

Even if they had made the wrong choice or it didn't work out well in the end, those bad decisions create amazing life lessons and people will be able to learn from them and become even more knowledgeable. Those bad decisions can also create amazing stories that you can share with other people so they can learn from your experience.

There are people that I always keep in mind who have helped me make most of my current life decisions. They also helped me understand that their opinion should not always be taken into consideration because I should learn how to grow as a person for myself, not because someone else told me to do so. For a selfless person like me, it’s hard to not take into consideration the opinions and feelings of all the loved ones in my life. But as a growing adult, I will have to learn that my feelings must come first, as my future will depend on me before anyone else.

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